Both mayoral candidates are calling on Mayor Ed Murray to resign.
Both mayoral candidates are calling on Mayor Ed Murray to resign. Nate Gowdy

After allegations that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray repeatedly molested his cousin, Joseph Dyer, as a teenager in the 1970s broke this morning, mayoral candidate and former U.S. attorney Jenny Durkan called on Murray to step down. (In a signed declaration obtained by the Seattle Times, Dyer criticized Durkan and other public officials for not calling on Mayor Murray to resign).

"I previously urged the Mayor to reflect deeply about whether he could continue to lead and what was in the best interests of the city," Durkan said in a statement. "It's clear that it is in everyone’s best interest for him to resign. As a parent, former public official and openly gay woman these allegations are beyond sad and tragic; no official is above the law."

Durkan previously accepted Murray's endorsement.

Durkan's opponent, Cary Moon first called for Murray's resignation in May. She repeated her demand today in a statement, saying it would be in "the best interests of everyone— especially the many survivors of sexual assault re-experiencing their own traumas—for the Mayor to step down now so that City Hall can get back to work."

Moon also criticized Murray's efforts to "demean and even silence his accusers," calling these attempts "deeply divisive to our community and triggering for survivors of sexual assault" and "not appropriate" while Murray continues leading the city.

"Now is the time to focus on the tough problems resulting from Seattle's rapid growth—including skyrocketing housing costs, traffic congestion and transit shortages, economic disparity and surging homelessness," she continued. "I look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions with voters and my fellow candidates about the best ways to solve Seattle's crises so that we do not become a city of haves and have nots."

UPDATE, 5:03 p.m.: If you were wondering about this:

Durkan campaign spokesperson Stephanie Formas told KING 5 Durkan has withdrawn her endorsement from Murray: