Christ, Murray, you could have saved us all a lot of ugly trouble by resigning a long time ago. Or not running. Or not molesting. So many choices.
wowie zowie head spinning,,,,eyes popping out, tongue dangling, wowie zowie! Kaboom!
It's sad the strange will delete 2 comment. Gotta protext their Narrative tho.
My HS principal was a long-time child molester. Married with 2 daughters. He depended on the guilty feelings of his victims (he'd blow them and have them fuck his ass) to go unpunished. When the evidence became overwhelming (long after I'd graduated), he quietly resigned and has never faced a single charge in the courts. Murray probably depended on the same technique to keep his victims silent.

@5: I still see the comments you're pre-bitching about being deleted. what narrative? go ahead, spell it out.
@2 does have a good point. I'd like to know who in the state party knew about this shit with Murray. There is no way no one knew about it years ago and could have made sure he was kicked to the curb back while Cal Anderson was still around. FUCK...did Cal know about this shit and say nothing?

I'd like to see some in depth investigative reporting on this shit. I bet some well known progressive voices covered this shit up until it no longer served their purposes.
The Beady Eyes of Private Citizen Ed Murray tribute account incoming...
drain the swamp
oh but wait--nothing from the usual knee jerk, partisan, murray apologists on this one? you know, that's why i gave up ideology and partisanship; it causes you to deny the truth, and then--oops! you have to pretend you never said it, later, when it becomes too obvious that you were wrong.
I'm still waiting to hear that he's been convicted of a crime. As far as I know, these are still unfounded accusations. How would you like to be lose your job based on accusations? Guilty until proven innocent is not how they do this in a democratic society.
What did Democrats know? How long has the Olympia delegation turned a blind eye? Can we ask a more specific and relevant question?

How long has Jenny Durkan turned a blind eye? How many years ago did Durkan first hear of this and decide the victims were all lying?

If that's ancient history to you, then can we ask why it took until *today* for Durkan to finally take a stand?

Don't pretend this Murray issue is a sideshow. This is one of the only real world, present-day tests of Durkan's leadership we have to go on. Don't tell old war stories about the young activist Durkan of 40 years ago. This fecklessness right here is the real Jenny Durkan of 2017. What we are looking at right here is what we will get. Is this the kind of decision making you want in your next mayor?

Yet another centrist Democrat who leads from behind. Who waits until everyone else has stuck their neck out and taken a stand, then triangulates a safe position that doesn't rock the boat. Durkan has grown into a creature of the Democratic establishment.

No more cowardly Seattle pols. No more. We need a real leader who can decide for themselves what the right thing is, and says it out loud while everyone else is still dithering. Otherwise why even have a mayor? Let the Durkans of the world sit on a committee and follow the crowd.
And with Trump it's pretty clear: both parties are filled with opportunists who fuck children and those who don't want to be fucked. Trump, Clinton, Murray.....Kennedy (well he'd just drive you off a bridge and leave you to drown). And God knows who Dick Cheney fucked while the body was semi-warm
@11 if five unrelated people accused you of something, five people who didn't know each other from a bag of rocks, you'd lose your job too. you doesn't have to be guilty for your employer to be concerned about your ability to perform.
I think @11 is sarcasm.
If we believed he had been proven *guilty* we'd be demanding he begin serving a jail sentence. Murray's freedom, wealth and home are not at risk. We're talking about whether or not he deserves to be addressed as His Honor.

The minimum qualification to hold an office of public trust is a hell of a lot higher than 'innocent until proven guilty'. Notwithstanding the piece of shit in the White House, the privilege of serving as the city's executive is reserved for individuals who are above reproach.

The first qualification is to put the needs of the city above your own. That alone was enough reason for Murray to resign for the greater good.

This was obvious a year ago.
Durkan was in the room when he was sucking off kids! When Will Alt-Right White Supremecist Durkan Finally Do What's Best for Seattle Voters and Jump Into Oncoming Traffic?

A former state legislator and a current mayor is being blamed for molestation crimes. He happens to be democrat and gay. He is forced out nevertheless.
Sorry to ruin the party to some but quite a few lefty homos said all along that he should resign.
Your “What did Democrats know?” is nothing but another Bengazi Bengazi.
And before you start with “the sick, decadent life of homos” let me just remind you that the vast majority of sex offenders and rapists are still straight folks.

@11 and of course you apply your principle, to say, Trump, who also has not been formally accused of any crimes...goose and gander, whatever a gander is
@11 buddy I was fired for complaining that I didn't get paid for a month. So I would have preferred that they at least have the decency to make some accusation up and fire me for it.
@18, yawn, predicktuhbull
@ 22
Sad as it may be you might be right. Not to cut any slack to Mr. Mayor, yet abusers have often been abused themselves.

Sexually oppressed environment can create secrecy, abuse, and plenty guilt and shame to stop victims from reporting the crimes.
This website regularly deletes comments that don't fit their narrative. Remember, this publication was Ed Murray's mouthpiece throughout his tenure and even provided him a platform to attack and slander his victims. This event should prove to everybody that thestranger has a vested interested in defending and protecting violent pedophiles - just like how the city council also consistently defended Murray and slandered his victims. Its politics people and that's how the insane left in Seattle deals their good ol' boys.
@25 not so much with the logic, eh?
So *this* is how long it takes to get rid of an unfit public official in this one-party city: the better part of a year.
I still don't believe Murray is guilty of anything except being effective and incorruptible. Wealthy, powerful interests wanted him gone, and would suborn slander with alacrity toward that end.
Fucking embarrassing. For Seattle. For the Dems. It was embarrassing before, and it's even more embarrassing now.
@28 - That's not the word I've heard from Dems inside the party. They knew.
Hell, Oregon state apparently knew. Why did that never come to light earlier? Like, before he ran for mayor?
Sorry to once again ruin the right wingers party, but quite a few local commies called for the mayor's resignation for some time.

@ 25 This site is actually pretty nice to some of you consider the stuff you like throwing at others.
@25 - The Stranger doesn't remove comments based on ideology. Think of that for a moment. Then read @25 for an example.
@32 thestranger regularly deletes comments from Bernie Sanders supporters and other fringe elements of the left. They like leaving comments from rightwingers to maintain the illusion of ideological cohesion within the Seattle left.

"Raindrop" regularly makes posts fully in support of thestranger's party line - they are most likely an insider troll bent on maintaining unity among the sheeple.
@34 Only those more than willing to be foxed for the sake of politrix and agendas.
@33: Hardly, I've been considered an annoying Republican troll for years.
@24. While that is true, more often than not, abused do not go on to abuse others. No slack for Murray. Too much smoke from even family for there not be a little fire. People coming forward. Reports from CPS thought to be lost, found. The fact he went hard at the accusers, using his power and position to try and make them seem not to be trusted. It doesn't matter much now, he is cooked.
Lincoln Lawyer put his recent time out of the spotlight to good use, eh?

Aileen Policros, Murray’s younger sister, said her cousins for years have made up stories about members of her own family due to deep-seated jealousy and anger dating back decades.

“They’re liars, they’re liars,” said Policros, 57, who lives in Pennsylvania. “My brother is not a pedophile … Edward takes care of children, he does not abuse them.”

Sharon Murray Sottile, 68, Murray’s oldest sister, also of Pennsylvania, compared the accusations against her brother to The Inquisition.

“This is my cousin Maryellen jumping on board with a blood hatred,” she said. “Everything he [Murray] has ever worked for has been taken away from him.”

So, four of five accusers now have known ties to local anti-gay activists -- a pure coincidence, no doubt, given Murray's standing as the most successful advocate of gay rights in the history of Washington State.

With Murray driven from office by rumor, myth, and smear, this will all fade, right?

Unless there can somehow be some guilt-by-association to another gay candidate for Mayor...

How long has Jenny Durkan turned a blind eye? How many years ago did Durkan first hear of this and decide the victims were all lying?

The twelfth comment? What on earth took you so long? You're usually a lot quicker on the smear than that!
And he could not even resign quietly without saying "I am innocent." In other words, "All those guys are lying." He just doesn't get it.
Until this latest revelation, I could understand why some city council members and others in the local political elite warily addressed the allegations against Ed Murray. They feared both a) seeming indifferent to issues of child molestation and b) denouncing Murray based on allegations that had not been adequately proven in a court of law. It is easy to be wrong, to fall prey to ad hominem attacks propagated by political enemies. Consequently, many locally wanted to give Murray a chance and not merely denounce him. This new accusation, however, seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Murray seems to have lost all credibility about these allegations, and his denials and counter-attacks now seem definitively pathetic and scurrilous. As for those who refrained for calling for his resignation until now, some undoubtedly knew more than they were saying--and this is disappointing and disturbing. Others genuinely did not know and were trying to be fair and judicious. Well, today's Seattle Times article ended that phase of this tragic farce. Ed Murray must deeply reflect on how to proceed, and that means he must engage in radical honesty, if he is capable of it. Sadly, he does not seem capable of it. Seattle is moving on, though, and I hope with some understanding of how complexly this case has been experienced by many. Many good, fair-minded people in Seattle were trying to give Murray a chance to defend himself. At this point, he does not seem to have justified their generosity. While we still do not have definitive evidence of wrong-doing and should maintain some caution about what we assume to be true, the overwhelming sense of things now suggest Murray's guilt, and he is lucky to suffer mere loss of office. So terrible and sad. And not new in Seattle. Different cases under different circumstances, to be sure, but I cannot help but think of the tragedies of Gary Little, Darrel Cloud, and others. And then, Brock Adams. Remember that case? Ed, go away for a while and do some growing up. No one's "glorious causes" ever justify sexual abuse.
And then, Brock Adams. Remember that case?

Yep, and thank you for reminding us what a real guilty officeholder looks like. Eight women publicly accused him of having raped them, and seven signed agreements with the Seattle Times to defend the Times in court against any lawsuit for defamation that Adams might bring. The women had known him for considerable periods; the first accuser, a friend of his family, was a young lady named Kari Tupper; her lawyer was one Jenny Durkan.

And now, Delvonn Heckard will never have to explain why he can't produce evidence to show he ever met Murray.
Jesus Christ, this topic brings out the verbose commenters who think they're trying out for a real journalism position.
And he could not even resign quietly without saying "I am innocent."

Yeah, after he was convicted in open court, he still speaks as if he was never even charged with a crime.

Wait, what?!?

The length and girth of these allegations are of such enormity that even the Mayor can't swallow them.

The Principal would like to remind you the janitorial staff needs to close the boy's restroom for cleaning, and that smoking is not permitted in there, or indeed anywhere on the grounds of your friendly local neighborhood Junior High School. Please make a note of these items.

His opinions will mean nothing.
His word will mean nothing.
He will mean nothing.

Murray will always be remembered as the political leader who achieved full civil rights for gays and lesbians in the state of Washington. You will be forgotten as yet another mouth without meaning, and self-dispose after your idiotic pronouncements on the minimum wage (and other topics) get proven wrong by events.

Again, please make a note of this.

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