Trump's Decision to End DACA Creates a Culture of Fear—and Resilience


Trump has simply sent a mandate to Congress to enact permanent, meaningful legislation to resolve the DACA problem ...which has after all been sitting in neutral as an Executive Order set forth by then President Obama.

Now it is Congress who must act responsibly to make legislation, which is its job, not that of the Executive branch or to be done by the President via an Executive Order.

If Congress fails to act, then we should rightfully blame our elected representative.
I hope they find a way to let the dreamers stay here with a path to citizenship. But I think it would be better to change the laws so that childrens citizenship is the same as their parents citizenship.
Your parents most certainly are criminals!!! Blame them! They, and you, are ILLEGAL!! Get out!! I'm sick of my tax dollars going to support you leeches!!! And the companies who hire you should be fined! You have no rights here!! YOU ARE NOT CITIZENS! You couldn't get away with leeching off of any other country in the world!! Try it!! Get. Out!!!