Murray has been working like hell on this issue for years. Sanders' bill doesn't have a chance, and she's right not to spend useless time on it.
The bill is good to the extent that it raises awareness of a better medical option for the 99%, but until the dems get majorities in both houses, and quite a few populist ones at that, it's got a snowball's chance in hell of becoming reality.

As far as our WA State Senators, aren't they pretty much bought and paid for by Big Pharma?
@1 She's not being asked to spend time on it. Just support the bill. She could do that in the time it took me to type this response. Does Patty Murray support single payer or not?
god patty murray is so hot.
Symbolic resolutions. The hallmark of a highly functional democracy.
It's a no-brainer, and almost a requirement, for the Seattle City Council to support Medicare For All. But Murray and Cantwell represent the entire state - including those vast swathes that Seattle supports, much to those citizen's eternal shame. There, the idea of Medicare For All is not universally popular - which is funny considering that they are the citizen's most dependent on government largess.

Perhaps the Senator's reluctance is silly - the Seattle Metropolitan Region pretty much still controls how the state's Senate seats are picked - and I'd certainly like to see them show a little bit more backbone on this, but you have to admit it's not as easy a political gesture as what the council did.
@6 A lot of conservatives and small town republicans are actually on board with Medicare For All. Not a vast majority, and probably not even a majority, but enough for Murray and Cantwell to be able to endorse the bill without having to worry about not being elected.

Actually, this bill is a major turn off for me, and I will not be voting for either candidate in their next primaries or elections until they get on board with this idea. (I was already unhappy with Murray and Cantwell's vow to stick with Hillary during the primaries even though the state overwhelmingly chose Bernie in our caucus)
@8 That should be "not supporting this bill is a major turn off for me." Even if it is a symbolic gesture given that the resolution won't pass, I'd like to see these two support it given WA's true blue status.
@9 you're assuming a lot if you think WA is true blue. In these reactionary times primarying either of our capably, accomplished, and well representing incumbents (who sure didn't start that way) would by no means result in no risk of a loss to a GOP candidate. I like them both and think they are on track here, optics aside.
You have to sort of admire their resolution to become completely irrelevant to the national dialogue on this issue. They are both truly authentic people- authentically bland. They were both elevated to a position of national prominence through good luck and realize their personal limitations. "The nail that sticks out gets out gets hammered down."
The cash from the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies are more important than the health and well being of their constituents.
@9, Seattle is true blue. If you'd been paying attention to Olympia over the last few years, you'd know how red the rest of this state is. But I think the reason Murray isn't supporting this luckless bill is that she's working on an improvement to the ACA and if she was on record for supporting Sanders' bill, her work would be in vain. She's a smart politician, and the Congress is political.
Because of course they do. Easier than tackling things they can actually have an effect on.
They need to be primaried hard, and getting rid of corporatist Cantwell is a priority given the long list of conservative policies she voted for (TPP, deregulation like getting rid of Glass Steagall, broad support for invading Iraq, and on).
Feel the Fawkin' BERN!!! 2020!!!
@19: no, they don't. a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

murray, in particular, is one of the best senators in the nation. grow up.
OMG, it's a target-rich environment for fact checks. Taking from the bottom ...

anon1256 @19 -- Are you not aware that Cantwell was not in office when Glass-Steagall was repealed? Are you further not aware that Cantwell is the leading Senate PROPONENT of reinstating Glass-Steagall? Please look it up.

mistral @18 -- Are you not aware that Sanders "Medicare for All" bill is NOTHING AT ALL LIKE MEDICARE, and that none of your cavils are relevant to the Sanders proposal? Please go read the bill.

neo-realist @2, CC-Rob @15 -- Are you aware how LITTLE of both Senators' campaign funds depend on pharma and insurance lobbies? Do you know there are watchdog organizations that make this information readily accessible ON TEH INTERNETS? Please look into it.

B.C. government to ban union and corporate political donations...…
Maybe The Stranger could report on what Senator Murray is actually doing to save the ACA rather than constantly sniping at her about this empty posturing bill.…
@19 I can't tell if you are a Russian bot, or just an idiot who gets all your information from a Russian bot.
MURRAY IS BEBOLDEN to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry. She voted AGAINST lowering prescription drug costs from Canada, and it's no surprise she isn't supporting single payer for similar reasons. She is bought! If taking $840,964 from health care pacs isn't corrupt I don't know what is. it lists campaign contributions and breaks it down by sector. Murray is the devil.
@21 (#1) Except that you also think that we shouldn't push for Medicare for all now and that we should continue defending RomneyCare. Protecting milktoast Murray is testimony to your suffering from Stockholm syndrome (unless you perhaps benefit from her agenda). Otherwise, lose the white flag pal.

@21 (#2) Wow. I did forget she was out of congress during that term but she supported Clinton's agenda before that, including NAFTA. I am actually surprised that she wants to reinstate Glass-Steagall.

@24 As for me, I can't tell whether you are drunk or just a mcCarthyist asshole?
Go Senator Murray, GO!!! Please stop the RepubliKKKan insanity of killing the ACA (a.k.a. Obamacare) and don't back down.
Kill RepubliKKKans instead.
They must pass Medicare for All. This is no longer an option - and it's long past time. Every developed nation except ours has a universal health care system. Our own CBO found that single payer - an improved, expanded Medicare - is the most cost effective way to provide quality health care to all Americans.

Single payer has been supported by a majority of the American public for about a decade already. Recent polls show it still supported by most Americans, an overwhelming number of Democrats (83%), a majority of independent voters, and most recently, even a majority of Republican voters (Quinnipiac).

The City Council did right by the people of Washington State and Seattle by supporting Senator Sander's Medicare for All bill. Michigan House Representative and H.R. 676 sponsor John Conyers says this is not a bicameral effort, describing Bernie Sander's bill as a companion to his own.

Let's keep calling and writing Senators Cantwell and Murray to encourage them to step forward and co-sponsor this historic legislation, S1804. Medicare for All is the way forward.
@30 - Typo correction "John Conyers says this is not" should read "John Conyers says this is NOW a bicameral effort, describing Bernie Sander's bill as a companion to his own."
The majority of House Democrats now support HR 676 - John Conyers' bill for Improved and Expanded Medicare for all (119 co-sponsors now! 120 signers with Congressman Conyers!).

Bernie Sander's Senate companion bill currently stands - just upon introduction - at 16 Senate co-sponsors including Elizabeth Warren, Kamela Harris, Jeff Merkely, Sheldon Whitehouse, Al Franken, Corey Booker, Richard Blumenthal, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tammy Baldwin, Martin Heinrich, Mazie Hirono, Patrick Leahy, Edward Markey, Brian Schatz, Jeanne Shaheen, Tom Udall.…

Medicare For All *IS* the future of the Democratic Party. Keep calling Senators Cantwell and Murray - and keep calling your House representative if you do not yet see him or her listed (you can also call to thank those who are co-sponsoring).

The time has never been better for passing Medicare for ALL - or for Democratic elected leaders to step forward firmly on this issue.
Here is the link, too, for HR 676 (for some reason, it didn't post). Is your representative listed? If not, be sure to call and urge them to get on board the Medicare for All train!…

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