Not great news for affordable housing/tenants rights advocate Jon Grant:

Mosqueda, who works at the Washington State Labor Council, is running against former Tenants Union Executive Director Grant for Seattle City Council Position 8. The citywide seat is being vacated by Tim Burgess's retirement. (Not to be confused with the more temporary council vacancy due to Burgess becoming mayor.)

Grant, a democratic socialist, has endorsements from Council Members Kshama Sawant and Lisa Herbold, the Transit Riders Union and two socialist organizations. Mosqueda, a Democrat, has basically everyone else in town, including labor unions and five members of the city council. Grant has called for requiring developers to set aside more affordable housing in new developments and for increased taxes on large businesses to fund low-income housing. Mosqueda believes a higher developer mandate would slow housing production and says the city should bond against its recently passed housing levy to raise new money for affordable housing.

The Washington Housing Action Fund is the political arm of the non-profit Washington Low Income Housing Alliance. The Alliance advocates for affordable housing and tenant protections like a way-past-overdue statewide protection against landlord discrimination based on a tenant's source of income.