Luís Salazar-Campaña with sons Isaac, 8; Maximiliano, 9; and Alexander, 13. Courtesy of Family


"Imagine tearing a white family apart"... What do you think would happen if a white family was discovered working and living in Mexico without the proper visas?

No one cares where your from or what color you are, you're welcome as long as you come here through the proper channels and keep your work or student status current.
In Mexico it's only a civil infraction to live there "illegally." You just pay a fine if the govt decides to care. Also, go fuck yourself you heartless troll
#1: It has never been as simple as that. The problem is that it's always been harder to legally immigrate to this country from Latin America than from any country where most people have white skin. This needs to be changed.

There's no good reason for it to be harder to immigrate legally from Tijuana than from Turin, or from Mazatlán than from Munich, or from Baja than from Bohemia. Applications for legal immigration from ALL countries should be treated equally.

And it's the height of hypocrisy to condemn people for coming here without documents to work when you never condemn those who depend on the labor of people who come here without documents. You should be attacking the growers and the factory and cannery owns and all the other employers who insist on basing their business model on undocumented labor.

Yet people like you never do.
Article is inaccurate: people who lose their appeal before the Board of Immigration Appeals generally can appeal to the federal Court of Appeals in their Circuit, the 9th Circuit for people detained in the Northwest Detention Center.
Maybe the father should take responsibility for breaking the law and for some mindless reason deciding not to learn the predominate language of the country he wants to call "home".
@4 & @7 I sincerely hope that if either of you ever have to deal with legal issues in a country whose language is not your native tongue, that authorities provide you with an interpreter so you fully understand their legal procedures.
Errr, @4 & @8, my bad.
#8, Maybe you should take responsibility for some mindless reason not to learn the PREDOMINANT language of the country you were born in, troll.
@7 Thank you for catching that. The story is updated.
@Everyone that commented. I understand that my father in essence broke a law but in life everyone has had to make a hard decision knowing it could end up good or bad and my dad took that risk knowing it could lead him one way or the other, but after 20 years that risk has now been buried in the back of your mind because you feel so safe and comfortable in an area you've spent your life and raised your kids at. There are amazing people in the world you meet on a day to day basis that don't care about how you live what you look like what you do but just generally like you for the person you are and ever person my dad encountered he's alaways had that experience. He's never had to face one comment about racism or anything of that sort but recently people have started to become so ignorant and hateful and don't realize what's at risk for other people as if it where your self. Put your self in this position and think about how it could affect your life and your sons and daughters life's. but thank you to everyone who read the article (P.S You're all immigrants no matter what you claim to be)
@3,4,8 I would support making English lessons available for free to non-native speakers. Many other developed countries offer language courses for free or low fees for immigrants. This would be helpful to the immigrants as well as easing the concerns of xenophobic assholes like yourselves. So its a win-win.
Major sponsor of Spokane's visit by European fascist Nigel Farage included:…
oh boo hoo. I want to fly to Australia and be welcomed with open arms because I am a refugee from the insane orange asshat in the White House. Will that get me through the border LEGALLY? No. No one cares. Stop whining and go back to your own country.
@Luiss203 - It's clear you have an entitled, racist mentality. You're exactly the kind of immigrant that the US doesn't need. Your parents are unskilled and uneducated and evidently never learned English. They also have a great disregard for the law. We don't need immigrants like them either. There is no injustice here. The whole family doesn't need to be broken up, you all can be deported to Mexico. Your US born brothers are automatically Mexican citizens so there is NO problem in going back except that you are ungrateful parasites who don't like being kicked off the US gravy train.
To everybody making the "HE BROKE THE LAW...nothing else matters because HE BROKE THE LAW" posts...Can we assume you'd have obeyed the Fugitive Slave Act if you'd been around in the 1850s? It was THE LAW. So were the "sundown town" laws in Washington state, which made it illegal for people of color to remain within the city limits of various towns after dark, or the law Oregon had on its statutes between 1859 and 1926 barring black people from living in the state at all, and giving them eight hours to leave the state if found within its boundaries. If you'd seen a person of color violating those laws, would you have called the police? That's what you end up doing if you take a "the law is the law and that's ALL that matters" view of life. And at that point, you've checked your soul at the door.

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