It's good planning to measure twice and cut once. That being said, I suspect Moon voters reject the Murray administration and look forward to proof of the change they willl have voted for. Why keep Murray's mistakes and drama?
This can't be legal: a public employee using city time to tell other city employees that a vote for her means they will be able keep their jobs. Thank god Moon will never have the opportunity to make good on that outrageous and blatantly unethical claim. Idiot.
@2: people see what they want to see.
the orange slime in the white house and this woman as mayor of Seattle? KMN
@2 Cary Moon works for the city? You sure about that?
@5, @2 doesn't know what they're writing about. Moon is not a city employee.
Moon is not a city employee.

The candidate is offering a group of voters something of immediate value -- continued employment -- during the campaign. The clear implication is that she's attempting to influence their votes with promises of specific personal gain. That's hugely and obviously unethical, even if it may be legal. The identity of her employer -- if she has one -- does not alter this.
@7: Uh, candidates do this ALL OF THE TIME. Campaigning is all about promising voters stuff that they want - whether it's things that will improve their property values, their quality of life, their job prospects (training!), higher wages (minimum wage!), unionization, transportation... I could go on and on. It's what campaigning IS. Voters aren't going to vote for a candidate who doesn't represent their best interests, and those best interests are often financial.
@7: Of course candidates promise things to voters all of the time; I wasn't implying otherwise. You missed the meaning of the term, "specific personal gain." There's a huge difference between going to a neighborhood association and promising them a new elementary school, and going to a private firm which provides services to the city, and telling the employees their employer's contracts with the city will be renewed if the candidate is elected.
@9: Maybe you read something different than what's in this article. She is specifically talking to department heads, who are often replaced with an incoming administration. There's nothing about contractors or contracts, and not even specifics about who will or won't be replaced.
She is specifically talking to department heads, who are often replaced with an incoming administration.

Thank you for strengthening my point. If they expect to be fired by the next mayor, and she tells them her administration will instead retain them, she is definitely offering them the "specific personal gain" I had mentioned, in return for their votes. Worse, they can reasonably be expected to want their subordinates to vote for her as well, thus metastasizing the corruptive influence of her promise.

(My two hypothetical examples were meant to give substance to your laundry list of campaign promises, and to show how not all campaign promises are ethically equal. I apologize for losing you there.)
Good god. Cary Moon has no idea how to impliment anything she proposes, that's why she offers no specifics. She has no idea, and is so very concerned with getting everyone's input, building consensus, talking with everyone to find out what her freaking job is, nothing will get done.

If she had any vision, any plans she had any clue how to make reality, she would NEVER be telling city department leaders their jobs are safe. REALLY? There's not one department head that is so representative of what you think was wrong with Murray's administration you're not thinking they might work against what you're trying to achieve???

"Wonks" aren't leaders. Moon is someone you could bring in to work up the ideas, not the person you put in place to movitivate people to get it done.

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