If you want things, you have to figure out a way to pay for them.
Conlin killed the head tax, not Burgess.
Wealthy business owners will say "I give to charities to help the homeless, if you tax me more then I can't give to those charities." Then they will proceed to give far less to charities than what's truly needed or give to charities that don't help the homeless at all. Or worst case, start a fake "foundation" that they don't donate to, doesn't give to charity, doesn't pay taxes, and which is really just a shelter for wealthy people to hide their wealth in (see Trump, Donald for examples of this)

The ones who would have the temerity to make such a statement would most likely do that - probably ARE doing that now - regardless, considering that charitable donations are tax deductible, and no wealthy business owner is going to pass up an opportunity for a good tax break.
Local taxes are also tax deductible for a business. But no tax should be segregated this way, and the idea that homeless services are underfunded is laughable.
Heidi, this SLOG post is in desperate need of an editor; as is this head tax idea from Council.
The proceeds should go to transit. It'd be an easier sell for business if they felt they were getting something out of it, if only for their employees.

"This is an invitation for [large businesses] to help address what success has looked like and who’s been on the other side of that," Harris-Talley said today. Can someone diagram Ms. Harris-Talley's statement for me? It makes no sense.

She wasn't selected for the vacant Council seat for any expertise in public administration or budgeting or experience in developing legislation. She has none. She was brought aboard (by the Council's own admission) as a "woman of color", a barely more coherent version of Nikkita Oliver.

No, Harris-Talley was brought on to serve as an intersectionalist stalking horse for Mike O'Brien's unsound and factually unsupported proposal (as are most of his proposals, but damn do they feel good!). And less than one week into her short term, she's chomping at the bit to caryy O'Brien's proposal down the home stretch.

At this rate, it's going to be a long two months.

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