How did Durkan plan to tap into levy funds that the voters approved something else? Was she gonna go with bait and switch, smoke and mirrors or 3 card monte? And since she thinks our votes of so meaningless why does she want them.
I think you all know you've been bought and sold and that's why The Stranger staff don't even pretend to write articles that could be mistaken for journalism.
Durkan has specifically said she wants to add the funding for the community college/trade school proposal to the 2018 levy since the current levy is about to expire. I'm not surprised that Heidi is disingenuous about clarifying that point, nor that The Stranger is okay with Moon's disingenuous dismissal of Durkan's plan.

Claiming that such an idea should be funded by a statewide capital gains tax shows that Moon doesn't want it to happen. You would think that her basically stating the mayor should care solely about K-12 education (is she running for school board?), and not what happens to the high school graduates in this city who aren't going onto 4-year colleges, would be a pretty big issue... but nope. not something of interest to The Stranger.

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