In a district that voted 70% for Hillary Clinton in 2016, this ad is sure to be a winner!

conservatives need an enemy to motivate their voters. used to be commies, then muslim terries, now that enemy is seattle liberals.

those actors should be ashamed. it would be interesting to know how they came to take this gig.
"Sawant! Lenin! Get it"

Why not. Sawant's party calls for the complete nationalization of business and industry. Or did you miss that on Socialist Alternatives homepage?
@3 Oh nos, Seattle liberals getting mocked. Quick, clutch your pearls darling.
@3: As if the left treats all those "inbred redneck GOP voters" in a way that is at all different.

If people would stop pretending "their side" was unimpeachably perfect, and the "other side" were literal devil people, maybe the state of US politics would not be a shit show.

But I know, your opinion of them is based in true facts, and the other people's is based on damn lies. I know.
"link her to Seattle politics,"

it's in the GOP playbook for burbs to blame "outsiders pushing Seattle's failed policies" as often as possible no matter what the topic they put forward ("illegals", crime, ..)

It's just your average xenophobic campaign.
Christ your skin is thin.

Besides, I thought all the PINO soccer moms live in Ballard. You can see them driving SUVs because "of all the stuff MY CHILD *has* to have."
@7 already is. It's called FB.
@7 When you have Nikita Oliver calling left-of-center Jenny Durkan a “white supremacist”, you’ve already gone there.
@6: please link me to an ad where a "leftist" mocks "inbred redneck GOP voters" in an equivalent manner. suburban whites get coddled by both parties. rural whites get told they're the only real americans by 1, and take offense when dems don't.

my opinion, on Slog or elsewhere, is not the same as an political ad run by the GOP slandering Seattle. since I am related to several enthusiastic, unrepentant Trump voters, I actually do have a nuanced view of them. like you, maybe.

We don't really need a link to the septic tank of his imagination, do we?
@7 We don't need to stoop to their level. Portraying them like the Trumpists they are should be plenty.
Not really talking to troll@12, but JFYI since I didn't realize this until a couple of years ago: there is a usage of "white supremacy" that basically equates to "systemic white benefit" = "structural racism with whites on top". I know certain types won't believe that racism can be structural, but for those who do, be aware of this usage and avoid some WTFery.

In my opinion this usage is just begging for confusion, but there it is.…
It’s nothing worse than what Portlandia mocks every week ladies.
@15,16. Yeah. Take that "Let's call everyone a nazi high road.", you guys are currently on.
Does it only count if it is a TV ad? Because I remember a former president calling people voting against the Dem candidate "standard rednecks" at a rally for said candidate.…

That took about two seconds.

But I know. "It's not equivalent because it is not EXACTLY the same situation" I know.
The right can try, but this ad is just another sad example of their complete inability to overcome the Mallard Fillmore Gap.
@19 I never said that. Liar.
@23. Losing a step lil smoky. That was weak. Have some coffee and get back at me with something better.
@20: I never said that. liar.
@21: no, that's equivalent enough. pres. clinton passive-aggressively called trump voters rednecks by calling himself a redneck, too, and any context beyond that joke is irrelevant. 2 wrongs make a right!
The Stranger has been for some years now the de facto media outlet for the Socialist Alternative party. It's no different then what the Republicans are doing except that they use print and online media as opposed to television. Sounds like someone has a case of the dish it out but can't take it syndrome.

You're correct in that it's not "EXACTLY the same," but it's also not particularly close. Watch the whole two minute video.…

He self identifies as a redenck and issues a genuine call for inclusion. You may be correct in your assertion that the left is just as bad in this respect, but the video you linked to certainly doesn't prove it.
Stings don'it?
To be fair, "Who cares about higher car tab fees? Fuck the cars." is a very common sentiment expressed here on The Stranger, and not just by the readers.
Thank you @30. Nobody does false equivalence like these right wing shitwits. They use it as an impenetrable shield against any hint of honest self-analysis that might accidentally disseminate a dose of reality into their pathetic fantasy worlds.
This is the move you make when you're desperate and out of ideas. Sad.
At least they stopped short of showing a black man assaulting a white woman then looking into the camera and saying "I'm voting Dhingra!"
Seemed like an obvious joke to me that was poking fun at libtards more than trying to fool anyone.
Aren't there any rules about running fake ads for political opponents? At the very least, it is completely unethical. Plenty of people will view this ad without seeing it as parody. The funding disclosure is hard to read and only on the screen for a few seconds. This PAC should be fined.
And here is what a top republican is, while her constituents are wondering, "where's death panel cathy?"... under second sponsors page...…
As we decide to tax working class commuters who have the gall to drive to their jobs downtown. Why can't everyone just afford to live in Queen Anne and Capitol Hill and ride their bikes to work like our city council members?

I'm a liberal but the disconnect with the bike people between affordable housing and valid transit options is embarrassing. Nobody is more elite than the white, older male bike commuter.
Funny and true! Nicely-done.
clever, make one with some guys with MAGA hats & a CEO downtown that looks like the monopoly guy if you don't like it.

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