"Children" murdered Tuba Man, then, released, murdered again.

Fuckin "children."
Fucking Idiot @1, I'm pretty sure that holding these kids in the conditions described will not help them stop murdering.
If only we had a decent place to house children who commit violent crimes....
Are they children or adults? If they're treated as adults in the criminal justice system, then why aren't they treated as adults with the full respect of the law? Why can't they vote? Why can't they buy cigarettes or liquor? Why can't they consent or sign legal contracts?

Which is it? Adult or child? Make up your mind once and then stick with it and deal with the consequences, period.
Fuckin jail their so-called "parents."
@ 6 - You get that collective punishment was literally a Nazi thing that is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, right?
23 hour a day lockdown will turn a grown ass man into an animal. That shit is designed to break people.

Solitary is no place for children. Hope they win the lawsuit and stop the practice.
@3 ftw
@7, pretty sure parents can be charged in cases of negligence when their precious "children" so stupid shit on their property. Why not extend it to society, when they kill and maim.

A "child" who purposely kills, rapes, and likely has been since he could hold a gun, may have to nut up when finally caught. You were man enough to murder a mutherfucker, so you better be man enough to be treated like one in jail.
I think birth should be controlled and licensed until it can be proven that you can care and train a child correctly for societial integration.
@ 10 - You can hold parents libel for their own actions. If, for example, the parent contributed to the delinquency of a minor, they can be charged accordingly. But you can't throw people in jail because someone they are related to broke the law unless they are actually culpable. Again, collective punishment is bad. Don't suggest literal Nazi intimidation tactics as solutions to problems.
"But this practice has yielded severe disproportionality. Three of four plaintiffs in the lawsuit are black. In 2016, juveniles of color made up 86 percent of the population charged as adults."

These sentences are oddly out of place.
Nowhere else in the article, or in the lawsuit, is race mentioned.

Sydney, is this some sly way of pointing out that juveniles of color, while a tiny percentage of Seattle's population, commit the overwhelming majority of the violent crimes and rapes and murders? Did you wait until the afternoon when your editors would already be passed out drunk to slip this jewel in?
You vixen.
If one of these "kids" raped you. Then killed your child, I'm sure you'd be at that bail hearing telling the judge that "the kid" is just misunderstood. And putting "the youth" in a adult facility for busting a nut up your ass is too harsh. The isolation will harm him. Uh-Huh...Those "kids" are charged as adults for a reason. If you think they're treated too harshly, then go advocate for them at their hearing. Donate to their defense fund, etc.

If one of those "youths" harmed you or, yours, you wouldn't be defending them. They're where they're at for a reason. They're charged with some heinous shit.
How many of the sick torture-loving fucks posting here even bothered to grasp that this is PRETRIAL solitary confinement?

This kind of solitary confinement can do permanent psychological damage to fully matured adults. God, I hate the glee of the encouraged and unleashed violent hate-filled minds of the Trump era.
@17... mindless glee...
Long term solitary confinement is torture. Maybe you have no problem with this, but you at lease have to admit that it is torture.

Like the death penalty, it is mindless barbarism based on emotion that should be consigned to the history books with the rest of our most base, primitive practices.
Folks who are too violent to be in the general population give society no choice but to place them in solitary.
At least until society balls up and starts executing them.
And if these young hellions are in solitary to protect them from the other inmates then see @3...
@20, these murderous "children" are likely all perfect angels in general population. And even if not quite so, they should not face harsh punishments. Let's leave all the bad stuff to their victims to experience.
Solitary is wrong. Juvenile solitary is unsupportable. PRETRIAL solitary is insane.
a prior groundbreaking report by [UN Special Rapporteur on Torture] MĂ©ndez, presented to the UN in 2011, that for the first time declared that solitary confinement may amount to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment and in some cases torture, and may thus, under certain conditions, be prohibited under international law. In that 2011 report, MĂ©ndez further called for a categorical ban on subjecting juveniles and people with mental illness to solitary confinement, and to end the practice of prolonged and indefinite solitary confinement.
The thing with people under-21 is that their personality & brain isn't fully developed, so there is still a good chance to educate them (through, yes, punishment/consequences, but also psychological assistance) into being better people. Sadly, the same can't be said for some of the compassion-free commenters here.
idiot savant you are truly a demented, sadistic, idiot. Where do you go for your opinions on anything? Do you take classes with Milo? We are not going for a fourth reich. PERIOD.

This prison system is a a true horror story and a warehouse for people that cannot afford a good lawyer. ISOLATION IS TORTURE FOR ANYBODY.
My comment includes the rest of the sadistic, nazis that comment here. We’re not going for a fourth reich PERIOD so expect us to oppose you every way you turn.
All you pu$$ies saying solitary is deserved for children: Spend one day in solitary then write your crap on message boards.
@27. Oh hey guys! Ivy is one of those dumb butches who calls everyone who does not conform to her leftie cult a "Nazi"! Lol. Heard it all before. Lol. You can ad hominem attack all you want but you've already lost. :)

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