Class action coming your way?
Class action coming your way? Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Indictment Update: On the day after Trump campaign aides went under house arrest in connection with the Russia inquiry, President Trump continued to downplay the indictments. Yesterday, he spent all morning yelling at the TV and distanced himself from Paul Manafort (accused of laundering more than $18 million), citing time. Today, he disowned George Papadoupolos, the former Model United Nations delegate charged with lying to the FBI about his attempt to meet with Russians who promised him "dirt" on the Clinton campaign.

John Kelly Needs a History Lesson: "A lack of an ability to compromise" started the Civil War, he says. General Robert E. Lee? "An honorable man." About that history lesson...

"Charismatic Authority" and Memes in Politics: The more you know!

Women Suing Microsoft For Discrimination Pursue Class Action: Three women who work as engineers and technicians for Microsoft say they make much less and receive fewer promotions than their male colleagues. On top of that, they say they deal with a “an abusive, toxic ‘boy’s club’ atmosphere, where women are ignored, abused, or degraded.” Now, they want to add 8,630 plaintiffs to their lawsuit, which they filed in 2015.

Seattle Has Nation's Highest Home Price Increases For a Year: According to Seattle Times real estate reporter Mike Rosenberg, that's the fifth longest streak in the US since 2000. And it's unlikely the market will slow down anytime soon.

"This Is Not the Burien I Know": County leaders, including executive Dow Constantine, condemned a flier passed around Burien that listed the names and addresses of alleged undocumented immigrants, Crosscut reports. “You are the ones who are not welcome here," Constantine told a crowd. Earlier this year, Sydney Brownstone wrote a feature on a rise of nativism in the Seattle suburb.

Federal Way Officers Say They Fatally Shot Man Who Pointed Gun at Them: The man reportedly threatened two other men with a gun. Two officers responded, simultaneously firing their weapons as the gunman raised his firearm, the Seattle Times reports.

Study Shows Rich School Districts Will Benefit More Than the Poor in Washington School Budget: The analysis comes from the League of Education Voters, a nonpartisan group. Mercer Island schools, they find, get bigger budget increases than those in Tukwila.

The Mayor and Homelessness: The Seattle Times puts a magnifying glass to what Durkan and Moon would do to address Seattle's emergency. Where do they differ? Sweeps and rapid rehousing. Where are they the same? Hesitancy on a head tax and performance-based contracts.

Firefighters Take On Kshama Sawant Over Sweeps: The council member has a budget proviso to halt sweeps until the city establishes enough authorized encampments to meet homelessness needs. The Seattle Fire Fighters Union responded in protest, writing, "Needle sticks, exposure to biohazard and contaminants, and assault are serious issues that our fire fighters face at unauthorized encampments every day."

Interim Police Watchdog Nominated to Become Full-Time Police Watchdog: Mayor Tim Burgess tapped Andrew Myerberg to lead the Office of Police Accountability.

Cops Are Bad at Graphic Design: Did you see the Seattle Police Officer Guild's full-page ad against City Attorney Pete Holmes in the Seattle Times?