Can Team Trump possibly manage World War III AND re-fight the Civil War at the same time?
These women's complaint against Microsoft are totally plausible.
Coates 2020.
It sounds like the Firefighters union should endorse safe consumption sites... Also, Mercer residents pay more in property taxes than Tukwila residents; is it so crazy that they consequently get more school funding?
@2: I'd go further and say it's almost certain.

I would be curious to know if these are direct Microsoft employees, or contractors. If they're the former (I assume so, or they'd be suing their own agency), their opportunities and and compensation start miles ahead of the latter. That's not to say that their complaints aren't valid, but this does seem a bit privileged, given the range at work in the MSFT global workforce.
@5: I can't find anything that states involvement of contractors, and the language makes it seem like these were Microsoft technical employees.

Here is the site that is seemingly being run by the Plaintiffs or their counsel:

But I have to say, it is not "privileged" to refuse to abrogate your right to a non-hostile workplace just because some other worker in the world has it worse.

I mean, if your boss said to you "Knat, I know you are used to working in a climate controlled building, but we have to cut costs. At least you are not in the sun digging ditches, right?" Would you agree with him? Or would you want your AC back?
@3 Yes please!

It is worth reading Ta-Nehisi Coates' entire twitter thread. It is most righteous. Tweet after tweet after tweet, just hammering Kelly's ridiculous claim. Totally schools Kelly. It is a thing of beauty.
Kelly goes full racist.

I'd like some reporters to ask him about compromising with Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Maybe they'll just combine them - call it a two-front war: IL DOUCHE & his minions versus everyone else, both here AND abroad.

The Resistance's battle cry can be: "Don't fire until you see the whites of their polo shirts!"
@6: Yeah, I totally agree. (Though ironically, I have had almost that EXACT conversation you use as a hypothetical, as a MSFT contractor in the past.) It's the small bitter part of me that's talking, the one that sees the wide gulf between FTEs and contractors. But that doesn't mean the behavior described should be tolerated.
Not even Andrew Jackson, who "progressives" love to deride, and who Trump mistakenly thinks is his model, thought there was any compromise with secessionists.…
@6: Oh, and thank you for the direct link to the site for the case.
@7: its likely Kelly knows none of what Coates tweets. Kelly probably limits his appreciation of Lee to his "honorable" actions on the battlefield, his military tactics, his bravery, or his performance at the Appomatox Courthouse when he said gallant words while surrendering.

Fuck this revisionist era. 600,000 people died in that war out of a populace of 30 million.
@4 "Also, Mercer residents pay more in property taxes than Tukwila residents; is it so crazy that they consequently get more school funding?"

Yes, it is crazy to expect that. The alternative is a straight up, "the rich get richer and smarter, the poor get poorer and dumber." Which is a fairness issue we should be trying to address, not perpetuate with our public monies. If the wealthy don't like it, they have private school options that aren't available to the poor.

Unless you want more underfunded schools in poor areas to really punish those damn poors. In which case, yes, they should get less. And maybe they should get dirty water, poor electrical services, no cops or fire service, and their roads should be dirt.
@14: as Coates discussed in his tweetstorm.

I can't say that Kelly is a conscious White Supremacist. It's more likely he's too ignorant to know he's a Racist, and too stubborn to contemplate it - which makes him like every Trump Voter in America today.
I worked at Microsoft for 15 years and thought that my women coworkers were treated equally. But I'm a guy, so how would I know?

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