Well, this gives ol'Cary some downtime... to completely fabricate another resume.

I'm just thankful that we elected an actual administrator instead of a space cadet.
Jesus. Less than a 33% turnout for a mayoral election. That’s sad, Seattle. And, yeah, I voted and my vote was counted.
Yay #MayorJenny :)
Labor linking with business... OK, whatever.

Slog linking to an article in The Seattle Weekly... This is too much consensus for me!!
Multiple victories for actual governing! The high-fivin’ white millenials of The Stranger are sadly reduced to fist bumps of solidarity in defeat.

It's almost as if the candidates didn't inspire anyone... or even manage to differentiate themselves from one another to the point where it might look like casting a vote for one of them would be worth the price of the stamp.
Wow, the port races! I get that people know the names Creighton (the cretin has been at the port for 11 years) and Steinbrueck (no introduction needed), but who the fuck is Stephanie Bowman... and how does she get 67% of the vote, out-pacing Creighton and Steinbrueck? ...It kinda seems a lot of people just saw the other name, Ahmed Abdi, clutched their pearls, said a silent "fuck no" to themselves, and voted Bowman.

Millenials? The median age of a Stranger staffer these days is more like 46. The people putting this paper out are old now.
I can live with Gregoire's best bud Durkan as Mayor (zzz); it helps that Gregoire's son-in-law got his ass handed to him in the City Attorney race.

Or alternately, maybe an incumbent raised something like 8 times as much as her challenger, and then spent the funds somewhat effectively?
Congratulations Jenny! And thank you for running a clean strong campaign.
There was a time when a Stranger endorsement moved a lot of Seattle voters. That time was about when the Stranger Editorial Board knew, journalistically, with endorsements you speak with one voice. A big slice of the slate this year lost...badly....Moon, Grant, Abdi, important races that matter. S.T.O.P. diluting your impact. Grow up, speak with one voice. The dissent stuff is bullshit--collectively, argue, debate, make a decision, issue ONE endorsement.
PS, where was cm's Labor Vote? ha-ha, they voted Durkan after all.
@13 The SECB dissent phenomenon isn't a problem in itself, but a symptom of another problem: The Stranger is going through an identity crisis as its older editors (Savage, Mudede, etc) crystallize (fossilize?) into a sort of progressive establishment, while younger staff follow the radical, intersectional movements of the present age. This will continue until either the old guard save the paper by retiring, or the paper fades into irrelevance as it loses touch with its readership.
Reporting in another post on the Democrats' Westin Hotel party venue, a Stranger writer observes: "A few normals appear to have showed up, median age roughly 87." This kind of snarky, cheap-shot condescension illustrates why The Stranger is losing influence in Seattle. This comment reeks of hipster elitism and seems to eschew even a minimal concern for community, compassion, or common ground. How can journalists claim to represent "the people" when they seem to hold most of them in contempt?
@18 I second that. Why they (also) think it's o.k. to declare elections without having received most of the votes from the University of Washington. She's backed by big corporate money; they're snotty neo-liberal faux-progressives with their fingers up their Wall St noses, lip service to diversity, and nothing on bread and butter substantive issues. Plus, she'll be with the insurance industry blocking single payer, and like Dianne Feinstein, she'll sell the city out to the developers before walzing off to her next grandiose entitled Clintonite political position. Tell all of them to be quiet, sit down, while we count the votes. Then - since Wall St will win - we're packing not only to leave Seattle - but the United States - because the Democratic Part is totally FOS.
@18 @19 Notice too how she says she's ("we" - "our people") "are going to count every vote." RIGHT. She's in charge of the counting too - we see THAT. (After they remember they still haven't received all of them - and from a very significant proportion of the voting population. But - "Don't worry - they're just students"
@18 @19 @20 How much you want to make a bet, now she'll get a little squad of students together to be her cheerleaders.for some PR act.
Heidi I've been banging on you guys for how yellow your coverage of the mayor's race has been; this article is completely fair and doesn't ignore Durkin's warts. Nice work, thanks
You have thought Seattle elected Donald Trump as mayor by the histrionics of the looney left around here.
As predicted, dismal turnout. Shame on those who would be our leaders.
@13 There also was a time when the SECB thought it would be hilarious to endorse a 50 pound sack of salt in a race, and after the election they regretted it when instead some actual human pile of excrement won. Can't find a link on Dr. Google, but surely Savage or Keck remembers. That was right about the time I routinely tossed Stranger endorsements straight into the trash bin.
Count me among the new left, I guess. "The backbone of our campaign was working families, like our nurses and fire fighters, our healthcare workers, building trades, and longshore workers," Durkan said Tuesday night. "There's a rumor there's labor in the house tonight!" What? The backbone was tightly rolled dollar bills from Jeff Bezos and Paul Allen. And the only real labor in that house was pouring the drinks and mopping up . . . and they all voted Nikkita, then Moon.
@27: Software development is "real labor" too.
The Stranger is not losing influence. IE: they are probably the reason Moon made it through the primary.
Honestly, I was torn between the two until the last day. But after reading The Strangers ridiculous love for Moon and juvenile critique of Durken's homeless solution, I voted Durken. She was most impressive with her first debate performance. For me, The Stanger's hate for Durken and pathetic and unfounded smear campaign backfired. Congratulations Durken. Now Let's give her a chance.
@30 totally believable comment.
@29 Fair point. Yes, The Stranger's influence/endorsement helped Moon win. That said, The Stranger's influence seemed to weaken after the primary, which the magnitude of Durkan's apparent victory would suggest. And the point remains: The Stranger's coverage of Durkan seemed to veer into smear all too often, and its reporters' frequent juvenile reliance on four-letter expletives and gratuitous insult seems to be a schtick: obvious, crude, and backfiring. @30 Very well said: precisely what many are feeling. The Stranger's relentlessly negativity towards Durkan did not help Moon.
@18 Solid response. I couldn't agree more.
OK...what did Moon fake in her resume? And are Durkan supporters actually offended that other candidates dared to run against their favorite?

You're candidate seems to have taken a landslide. Why, rather than celebrating, are so many of you in "Fuck YOU!" mode? Why on earth would bitterness be your response?

You wanted the status quo, you got the status quo. You wanted continued domination by the rich, you got continued domination by the rich. You wanted to make sure nothing progressive will happen in the next four years, you've probably got that too. So chill already.

It was an election. In an election, there's always more than one candidate. It's not an affront to Durkan's dignity that she didn't run unopposed, for Goddess(es)' sakes
@ 34 Nothing progressive will happen LOL what planet do you live on?

And the Moon supporters got pretty nasty so maybe that has something to do with the response. Trying to paint Jenny as a Republican, how stupid.
About time we had a tough smart woman running things in this dopey town.
Although it is fun to debate the individual merits and think of the "what ifs?" It was an almost certainty that Durkan would take this since the primary vote.
How can you call AmeriKKKa a democracy when sooo many of its "Patriotic" citizens never read the damned operating system? Many don't even ATTEMPT to vote.
Only goes to show the Demoncraps are for White Women, whilst the RepubliKlans are for White Men . . . .
"Many don't even ATTEMPT to vote."

Maybe life in America is pretty darn good so that's why folks can't be bothered? I mean, it's not like folks are going over to their neighboring village and burning it down and raping all the women on a regular basis.

Life in America is generally pretty good.
I love you, Stranger, but you do occasionally hit a sour note. They say dress for the job you want so when I saw Moon in a leather jacket - on the Stranger web page - I thought she would make an excellent doorman at the Eagle. I'm glad the candidate I voted for is in the lead.
@41 I think your screen name should be 5th Grade Columnist.
@9 robotslave: Gee, 46 doesn't sound "old" to me. I can't wait until you hit warp 50 and try to relate to your next generations, young'un.
@41 montex: LOL! Thanks for that.
@38 randommonkey: I'll drink to that! Cheers!
#43: as if anything Amazon and the rest of the rich approved of could be worth doing. It's not possible for any compassionate policies to be implemented if homelessness is criminalized-the homeless are homeless because they have no alternatives. It's not possible to just drive them away-they have no away to go to.

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