Police Killed Their Loved Ones, but King County Won't Provide Them an Attorney to Seek Answers


Why would you resist arrest? Why would someone flee from police? Why would you not put down a knife or a gun when a police officer tells you to do so?

Suicide by cop
What can this be called? Tyranny-lite.
Generally you don't unleash a 'slurry of bullets', I mean unless the bullets were mixed with a liquid. Often though people unleash a 'flurry of bullets'.
Public Defense lawyers are provided when you're accused of a crime and cannot pay. The families aren't accused of a crime. Pro bono is where the representation should come from, not taxpayers.
@5. That was my thought when I read the article. Or at least some kind of family member inclusion at an inquest. People shouldn’t be locked out of the hearings due to lack of funds.
wtf is a "slurry of bullets"?
Are the family members in potential legal jeopardy? No?

Then why are we even discussing providing them free legal representation?
Maybe if you did not commit a crime, resist arrest, or run from cops you would not get shot. "dinnt do nuffin" is not good enough. Especially when you run. If you run from authorities, there is a reason for it. Pretty much proves you have done something wrong. And maybe not pointing a gun or knife at officers would also help with not being shot. Just sayin'.
I was going to say a bunch of stuff but everything has been said. But good job on the pouty face for the camera.
Same thing happened to a man in Everett a few years back. Cops shot up his car claiming "he was trying to run them over". Autopsy (and photos of the car) show he was shot pulling away from them.

In that case a jury awarded the family of the victim. The cops are stillon the job though. Caveat: He was a white guy. In this case, its another "Welp, their lives dont matter...on to the next thing".

I see you are of the "I trust everything the cops say after a questionable killing or beating happens to a civilian"- school. How cute!