Of course they are crying "illegal" instead of engaging on issues. It's a lawsuit. Lawsuits are not political activism, they are a person asking that the written rules be enforced. That's why contributions to organizations like Lambda Legal and American Foundation for Equal Rights remain tax deductible.

You're not just going to be able to pass an income tax in your bubble city, and just hope people see the reason in it. It also has to follow the sucky state rules you've done an excellent job of ignoring.

You need a STATE income tax.

Bezos has to move less that 10 miles away to evade Seattle's income taxes. And there's literally a private island in northwest Washington he can buy called TRUMP ISLAND! Google it. It's for sale.

Meanwhile, as noble as your local efforts are, when you do get around to trying to pass an actually effective STATE income tax, Seattle's tax would just be a reason to not vote for it because, as magically progressive as you think your city is, you'll need to come to grips with the fact that YOU (yes...YOU) need to pay income taxes, not just people that make $250,000 or more a year.

Y'all haven't done that shit yet. And (prediction) Seattle will probably lose this fight in court.

I only hope it motivates you to camp out in Olympia and demand change from your fucking government! Finally.
the antiquated notion that income is property... yeah, I'm not entitled to the products of my time and labor. great, thanks for that. is there anything else of me that you'd like?
If income is not property, can I have yours? Thanks.
Someone should seize Ms. Wilson's paycheck and see whether she sticks to her guns on whether the idea that income is property is "antiquated."
Of course, Jeff Bezos does not live in Seattle. Neither does Bill Gates. Or Steve Ballmer, or Paul Allen. The super rich billionaire types tend to live outside the city, so this will not affect them if it is upheld. This tax will be paid by "ordinary" rich people who do live in Seattle. And maybe you think that's fine, but don't pretend that this is about redistributing wealth away from Jeff Bezos and the cartoonishly rich, because it isn't.
@1 Poor picked on “ordinary rich people” scraping by on 6 figures LMAO.…

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