Did Mayor Burgess ever vote to cut an incoming mayor's office budget when he was a council member?
The whole Harris-Talley experience as an interim CM has been interesting to watch. One gets the sense from her earliest comments once installed that she thought she was jumping onto what was surely going to be a several-weeks-long parade of far left achievement. In reality, she and her political buddies have been dealt defeat after defeat for the most misguided of their plans.

H-T apparently misread the tea leaves and overshot her skis. The edge to some of her earlier snark has been decidely filed down as of late (besides her "61-member transition team" jab at Durkan who was, you know, assembling actual experts to address issues in the city).

In the fever dreams of our city's socialist left, all the feels were gonna be all the time and an endless, rich sluice of tax dollars would fund "programs" that would do "things." That never happened and, in fact, support for an inarguably moderate (for Seattle) mandate was voiced by local voters.

And don't even get me started on Sawant, who has generally devolved into self-parody, screaming from inside her red bubble and basking in the applause of her curiously employment-free, rag-tag Millenial army that "pack City Hall" during normal working hours at her command.

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