State Rep. Matt Manweller
State Rep. Matt Manweller Washington State Legislature

CW: Descriptions of sexual assault.

State Rep. Matt Menweller: The former professor has faced two sexual misconduct investigations stemming from the time he taught political science at Central Washington University, the Seattle Times reports.

One student claimed Manweller propositioned her and another woman at a bar for a threesome. The student said she felt pressure to accept an invitation to meet Manweller there because she hoped for his letter of recommendation. She later claimed that Manweller stalked her. Another student alleged that the former professor sent her inappropriate text messages and voicemails. Manweller denied the allegations then and continues to deny them today, claiming that his accusers are political opponents. The Times also reports lobbyists saying the Manweller is known to comment on their apperances. Manweller, who represents a large swath of Central Washington, does not deny that. His take on the ongoing reckoning:

Manweller said he expected the Legislature would take some actions involving sexual harassment in the coming weeks, but only because everyone there is terrified by what he characterized as a mob mentality that he compared to McCarthyism.

Previously in Matt Manweller News: He met his first wife when she was a sophomore in high school and he was her 29-year-old math teacher, Goldy reported in 2012.

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Seahawks Broadcaster Warren Moon: Is accused of grabbing a woman's crotch, forcing her to wear a thong, to share a bed and taking off her swimsuit after drugging her, according to a lawsuit first reported by the Washington Post.

Previously in Warren Moon News: In 1995, a cheerleader claimed Moon sexually assaulted her. They settled out of court. Also that year, the then-quarterback's wife claimed he hit and choked her. He was acquitted of domestic assault charges.

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