You have a typo in the headline. "Latinx"
@1 This was not a typo. "Latinx" has become a relatively widely used gender-neutral replacement for Latino/a.

I assumed @1 was just attempting to engage in some sort of racially insensitive passive-aggression...
@2 In some west coast colleges and social justice circles. The rest of the Latin world, including most of south america and Spain and the find it absurd, whitesplaining and typical of American hubris.

There is absolutely not a consensus on it.
"Latinx" is well-meaning but weird when you're dealing with a language with masculine and feminine nouns. It might make Americans and even US Latinos feel better, but it's really ugly in a Spanish-speaking context.
#5: Though I suppose once could advance the rather absurd argument that the Spanish language itself is patriarchal.
'Member when this website had commenters that weren't trolls?
I'm not trolling at all. I have seen a decline in the writing here over the years, as well as a strong desire to keep the political lingo as updated as possible. It's more quibbling than trolling.
@3 Or not.

But, what if you're talking about both simultaneously? Pretty much every other ethno-demographic type (e.g. Whites, Blacks, Asians, et al) have a gender-neutral alternative.

Or yeah.
I think this is pretty clever actually. If you are here legally, you have nothing to worry about. If you are illegally, well, tread carefully, you made your bed.
@13, its not just the fumbled gender neutral attempt that's bad, its that using X as a sub in is problematic because the X sound in Spanish is H or KS. And even in English, X can be pronounced like z....

In naive attempt to be inclusive these jerks anglicized another language, which alienates people who are primary speakers.

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