Remember when the stein voters told us Hillary was no different then tRump? I do!
Where are the tRump trolls this morning?... still licking their wounds after losing Alabama? Where are all the pithy Bob Ferguson critics... who just happen to have a Russian accent?
@1: Remember when Barack Obama nominated Ajit Pai?
@2: Here I am. I'm a pithy Bob Ferguson critic. I don't have anything pithy to say about our employee at the moment, but my mind keeps playing a Carly Simon hit whenever the limelight is within his reach.
Want Net Neutrality?

Write to your mayor and ask her to support Municipally Owned Broadband. Whether or not you can surf the web equally is a function of your ISP. If the citizens own the ISP, then the citizens will make the rules.

"Nobody Does It Better"?
So much winning.

CA OR WA NY all filing suit and making Net Neutrality the Law in our States.
@6: You're so vain.
He's not suing over Net Neutrality. He's suing to be the next Governor of Washington.
@9: You can literally drive to another dealership (or restaurant, or clothing store) on the next street, or across town. Explain to me why only Comcast is allowed to wire up my home because they have exclusive rights to my address due to business agreements beyond my control, charging rates on a Hobson's choice plan, and how that's comparable.

So your idea of "choice" then is: shit service from Company A, or shittier service for a slightly lower price from Company B.
Go Bob, GO!!
The FCC made an awful decision today, but it was entirely legal. Sideshow Bob is the worst kind of partisan hack occupying the AG office --- he's less concerned about whether an exercise of executive power was legal than whether he liked it or not.
@16: Go back to your apologist troll cave and stay there. Ferguson tells it like it is and is doing a great job! Death to RepubliKKKans--I hope AG Bob Ferguson helps take out this insanely HORRIBLE administration, ASAP, and the Roman Empire burns forever in Hell.
Attention Whore.

sad and embarrassing.
@18 Brewster: AG Bob Ferguson is one of US, dude! He's doing his job.
Unless you were referring to Trumpzilla, Shithead in Chief.
Death to Republicans, eh Grizelda? I'm not a Republican myself, but on behalf of humans everywhere, go eat a bag of shit.

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