"Washington AG Launches Class-action Lawsuit Against The Feeling Of Emptiness Inside Of Your Heart"
Go Mr. AG! You think they'd have learned better after the Qwest fee lawsuit here.
Also take a moment to look at your City Light bill — they have a supposedly voluntary program called “Green Up” that they put on your bill without your consent. $3-$12 per bill. You wouldn’t notice it because the bill makes it look like a mandatory fee. The nickel and diming of Seattle residents never ends.
Not actually a sentence: Marianne Bichsel, spokesperson for Comcast, says the Service Protection Plan "virtually all service charges over 99% of the time
Just yesterday, I called Comcast (yet again) to have this charge removed. Three times this year they’ve added it against my wishes.
Someone needs more billable hours to pay off those Christmas presents! Thank you taxpayers for making this the best Christmas ever. Next Stop: The Governor’s Mansion!

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