It would help if you fuckers who use this service pull out ACTUAL MONEY, put it in his hand when you reach your destination (as a TIP), and thank the man.
Then get another job and stop complaining.

Screw Uber anyway. Drivers don't carry liability insurance and are not subject to drug testing and I've known Uber drives who have cocktails before their shift.

Support taxis instead.
Oh wow @2, looks like you woke up and decided to be an extra special type of asshole today, Congratulations! Empathy is a thing, you could give it a try, or not.

Pretty much who he is.

If I knew I was going to have YOU in my back seat, I'd probably have more than just a cocktail...
@3: Wake up calls are inherently empathetic.
Seriously, why would you trust this corporation as your employer Peter? Do you think they have any integrity left?
Hah! An Anonymous Troll talking about - integrity!
@1 Go fuck yourself. Businesses should be responsible for their workers' wages, not the whims of the customer. We need to drag places like restaurants OUT of the antiquated practice of tipping, not drag other businesses in. Uber needs to pay a living wage, end of story.
I think I can safely say that @9 means @2, because@2 should definitely fuck off.
Keenan: I agree. Except they won't, and wishing it away works, right? People use the shit out Uber, and maybe they should keep of few dollar bills in their wallet like a fucking adult and pay their service-provider something.

Do you tip your bartender? Your barista?

No, pretty sure he's responding to @1. @2 is just engaging in a variation of his normal douche-baggy "blame poor people for being poor" schtick.
Actually, raindrop likes to hide it, but we've seen he's pretty racist. I suspect a large part of what we are seeing is his joy at having an opportunity to whitesplain how to live to an African immigrant who's likely worked far harder and had more responsibilities than he's ever had.
Uber is what one may call a "hamster wheel" job.

Anyone can do it, so you don't need any skills or education, and the pay reflects that. However, it is also so time consuming or the working hours are irregular enough that it hinders your ability to acquire skills or find new work. So you can't afford to quit, can't afford to find a new gig, so you just keep running in place.

Seems like even Wal-Mart or McDonalds would be a better choice. At least you aren't wearing down your car, the hours would be more regular, and there is at least the possibility of promotion.

Oops, sorry, you're right. And to be honest, I was surprised when I saw who @9 is, since I didn't really recall him as caring about the little guy.

But raindrop should still fuck himself.
@15: Good guys want little guys to stay away from bad guys.
@11 Of course I tip at places that haven't adopted service charges yet, but I wish all restaurants would. Tipping is an outdated, uniquely American practice that we're slowly, finally on the way to eliminating. See the link below for Optimism Brewing's list of damn good reasons why tipping sucks.

Uber conveniently ended the unsavory practice of tipping ride hires. Rather than going back to the severely flawed band-aid that is tipping, everyone needs to demand Uber pay their workers a living wage like every other business.…
@ 11 Bartender yes, Barista no

In that case, ALL the "guys" (I guess gals/ladies/women need not apply) should stay far, far away from you...
@11 Or you could just use Lyft and add a tip to your ride on the app.
Peter, it's even worse than you say.

Uber/Lyft drivers have to pay for their own vehicle expenses. According to the IRS, that's about 54 cents per mile, which is probably not far off for an Uber driver with an average car. So after you deduct your vehicle expenses, you're only making about 51 cents per mile.

Uber is making millions. Their drivers are making less than minimum wage after vehicle expenses. This is a fucked up business model.

The 2017 IRS mileage rate is $0.535 per mile. But, itemizing on a Schedule A can only be done if one has enough other deductions to beat the Standard Deduction, which, unless one has recently purchased a home or has major medical expenses, is unlikely, since those are the two big-ticket items that generally push people over the top. And of course most of the itemized deductions are going away starting next year (for filing in 2019 - thanks GOP!), so that will soon no longer be feasible in any case.
@raindrop. I don’t agree with supporting taxis. Too much regulation/permitting/licensing drives cost out of the realm of affordable. Uber and lyft have destroyed the taxi industry and the government is entirely to blame.

But telling someone to get a different job if the one they have isn’t cutting it may not feel like the most empathetic thing to all of the children on here with daddy issues, but empathy is a garbage tool to apply if you’re trying to improve someone’s life. No need to explain yourself to these virtue signaling crybabies.

@peter. Get a different job. If you’re as hard working as you say you are you will be fine wherever you land. I’ve had African immigrants with no skills at all come work for me and I tell them if they show up on time, listen and focus, follow instructions, take criticism without making excuses, And work hard they will move up and make more money in 6 months. They also develop 5 no skill skills that get them ahead in any workplace they may move onto.

Move on. In 12 months you’ll be kicking yourself for not having done it earlier.

NONE of what I tell my employees is coddling or empathetic because that’s FUCKING DEMEANING you white savior complex having shitheels. Grow up.
Uber and Lyft are not ride-sharing. Ride-sharing applies to car-pools; Uber and Lyft are wealthy corporations that make their money off the drivers they pay badly. I don't understand why Peter still works for Uber -- he'd be better off with Yellow Cab.

Yeah, I'll bet you're just a joy to work for, because having some innate ability to understand and share the feelings of another human being - the literal definition of "empathy" - is simply beyond your ken.
So Peter, likes like there's a draw here. There's the "shoulder-to-cry-on" crowd or the "take-this-job-and-shove-it" crowd. It's always a risk, but evaluating risk also includes not taking the risk.
I don't see where I, as a customer, is responsible, or should care about his daughter, rent, parents, etc. If he doesn't like what he makes, he can get another job. For reals. And, if he doesn't have enough skill to get another job, then tough luck for him.
This sort of questioning of the status quo happens in more than one place. I started my own recently. I dont think its fair game to say that one should look for alternative workplaces if they dont like conditions. Not when the big players in the field are setting standards for other companies as well.

So, here is my own contribution:

This is a short address for Philip Padberg, CEO Deliveroo Europe, after almost a year of researching the company as an employee. It's a very simple message.
What happens in practice and what is advertised are always different things. With this in mind, I've decided to invite Philip to do what his employees and "apparent contractors" do everyday, which is ride to deliver. Will he take the challenge?

PS - Since it helps to have extra hands sharing, I'd like to ask you all to pass this video along with the hashtag #RideWithUsPhilip
Where I live most of the Uber drivers already have another job, sometimes two other jobs and are driving to bring in extra cash. I think it's presumptuous to imagine that Peter has not considered or tried other lines of work. Regardless, he is pointing out the gross unfairness of Uber's model and the hypocrisy of Uber's branding themselves as a "partnership." So maybe let's just listen? If you have a job offer for him, offer it directly, not in the comments section. And if you were born on third base please just STFU about how to make it as an African immigrant in America.
@27. My employees have few complaints. They are very well compensated, have good working conditions, and high expectations on their performance. They have an open hall pass for any family related events or emergencies and are treated with respect. What are you doing for others? Paying them a salary they can raise a family on? Giving them work experience and training? No? You’re just offering them empathy? Awesome. I’m pretty sure every one of my employees would laugh in your face or be insulted by the offer.

@31. Peter isn’t “making it” as an African immigrant in America. Why should anyone listen to him? He’s obviously failing in his professional and life choices. If he’s already decided that hes too scared of change and should stay at Uber, try and get Uber to change to meet his needs, and everybody should get on board with some asinine quest to change a billion dollar corporations business model because poor little him...he’s lost. He came to America and fucking lost and can now join the host of other American losers who whine and complain about their lot in life but do nothing and expect someone else to change it for them.

So why don’t you stfu and listen to an immigrant who came here and is killing it. There’s millions of them.
For people who think Uber is rolling in money, it's yet to make a penny of profit and has literally lost billions of dollars in its lifetime. And based on estimates, it can never make money because of how much it's subsidizing its rides to keep rates low. Its entire business model doesn't scale; the more riders it gets, the more money it loses.

It's kept in business by investors who hope that when it drives all of its competitors out of business---through its low rates to users, because it basically pays you to use the service---and has a full monopoly that it can finally raise rates while also dropping human drivers altogether.

Lyft is more expensive, and I hope its drivers get more money. I know I tip the driver every time I use Lyft, though I'd prefer to just have it added to my fee and passed on to the driver.

@31 Fuck you for "he's failing in his professional and life choices." Uber should change, because its business is supposed to be providing a service for customers, and the reason we have this widening chasm of inequality is because we demand others "fail in professional in life choices" so we can save a couple of bucks on a cab ride or on our toothpaste at Wal-Mart. Most of us are so insulated from a day-to-day struggle, but we happily buy the cheapest shit we can regardless of the real human or environmental costs.

When did shitheads like yourself become so hostile to labor? You probably say you're pro-working class, but here you are shitting all over the working class, taking the side of rich douchebags who are in a race-to-the-bottom of what can be paid to people just to enrich a few shareholders and deliver you a few cents of savings. At least until they have their monopolies, and then they'll just fuck you. They're playing an unfair game, and you're their Russian bots justifying their ridiculous business models.
" The company says that we drivers are its 'partners,' but a partner is someone who gets a say in decisions made by the company, and Uber controls everything. When they lower our rates, it’s their choice, not ours, and we have no say in the matter. They call us their partners, but it's Uber who has decided to give us no benefits, no vacation, no holiday pay, no health insurance, and no retirement. We pay for our cars, our fuel, our insurance and our maintenance, because Uber tells us that we have to. That’s not a partnership."

No, no partnership. It's just winner-take-ALL Capitalism....

Sounds like Uber's taking one hellova skim.... Hey Peter, why don't you and five or ten thousand other uber/lyft guys start your own employee-owned Corporation? Write off all those pesky expenses.....

Better hurry, before those robot cars cut in on it all.
If you don't like Corporate America don't participate in it. And if you do, STFU.
Welcome to corporate America! Yay! His sign says something about union? He doesn't mention a union in the article, I may have missed it. I'm watching this happen on different fb groups I joined, uber, doordash and lyft. The good ol days, ahh yeah, thing is, pretty much every industry has those, unions are being edged out. Somethings gotta give, I mean at some point we the people need to wrest power back away from the pundits and politicians and the corporations they're paid handsomely to represent. "Trumps america" is just more of the same in a long line of abuse. From both parties, because guess what? Both parties only ever represent themselves, NOT the people. Yay America! Freedom! Fuck yeah!

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