It's almost like they don't want all that extra tax money from one of the top three largest 'black markets' in the country. Idiots, clearly.
Goodbye marijuana profits and state rights, hello huge government expenditures to go after people smoking pot.
Funny how they have selective memory when it comes to state's rights. Discriminate against the gays? That should be left to the states and the private sector should have that right.

A (large) majority of state voters decide they're grown up enough to deal with weed (and tax the shit out of it, end discriminatory police practices, bring an end to one of the largest black markets, etc.)? Well now it's time for big papa federal government to step to the plate and rein every one in.

It's like their words are disingenuous and they don't actually practice was they preach. I wish there were words for that.
Dear Senator Cantwell,

You are running for reelection this year. You have previously made sound statements supporting the legalization experiment that Washington and an expanding number of states are making. AG Sessions is trying to undo that. If you want Washingtonians who support legal cannabis to support you, a great step would be to author legislation requiring that cannabis be rescheduled, as well as legislation legalizing it at the Federal level.

A Constituent.
The Punishment Party wants you to be just as angry as they are. Booze, opioids (see your doctor!) and tobacco are all A-Okay. But when it comes to the gentlest, least lethal intoxicant, most wonderful analgesic of them all -- marijuana -- WTF, are you out of your commie-lovin mind?!

See: 'Refer Madness' to get the whole story....
I'm sure Sessions sees this as an opportunity to give more people in blue States felony records.
I'm not surprised at all that this directive came out just days after legal marijuana sales begin in California.
Just another tool for voter suppression.
Since it's mostly the blue states that would be affected by the rollback, the administration doesn't give a damn about how those few blue states vote as long as they get the vote combination of purple and red states which keep them in power in congress and the white house.
@10, judging from some of the recent stranger articles, many of those republican districts in WA don't like pot growers, so I suspect the incumbents believe they can hold on in spite of the pro pot sentiment in Seattle and much of Western WA. On a broader level, the GOP believes it has the numbers between the purple and the red states to ignore the blue states.

Now on the other hand, if the Democratic Party gets its act together and starts getting strong in the purple states and is able to compete well in the republican districts, they stand a much better chance of changing the policy dynamic.
It's intended to make Liberals waste resources re-fighting battles that should be dead and buried by now.

This is what your relatives voted for last November. Stigginit. Your unhappiness is their happiness.
@9- Republicans in blue states like California were already in some danger because of the tax bill. The Keebler KlansElf may have just thrown more fuel on that fire.
Well do ya think the lack of seed to sale might be an issue???… (hard to defend that) I do want the state to defend our cannabis but the LCB has made a mockery of "regulation" - we didn't get home grows but we get mold…

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