Wow that's some primo whataboutism:

"[The initiative] does not provide any funding to deal with the true problems that our communities face: rampant opioid addiction, a growing homeless population, and a chronically underfunded mental health system,"
'''Hold police accountable''? Why, that is a marvelous (and innovative) idea!

Also, perhaps instead of cities and counties paying out budget-busting settlements, whenever cops get a little overly trigger- or baton-happy, we take those same settlements out of police Pensions. Perhaps then, police might just start policing themselves....
(Imagine if Rodney King had been a cop!)
If the whores of the state house do nothing Morally Progressive ( which they have plenty of practice at doing!), then I recommend two things; get petitions on both municipal and county-level ballots AND filing a class-action lawsuit . --- & & &… ).
Che Taylor was not a "victim." He was an armed felon who, in the commission of other felonies, resisted arrest, dived for a gun, and was shot. If he had complied with police orders, he'd still be alive, living out his days in The Big House. (The other two men with Che that day suffered not a scratch.)

It's ironic that the dogmatic left uses the shooting of "Che"--a rapist, pimp and drug pusher--as a symbol of "police violence." Apparently no one's history is so awful nor the facts of the shooting so contradictory, that they can't be used in service of the official narrative.

And echoing his brother's false assertion that "Che" was unarmed is simply bad journalism. But that's what we expect from the wokeavists writing for the Stranger.
"... Taylor says that the initiative doesn't seek to punish police officers who do their job correctly—only officers responsible for unjustified shootings. He noted that before the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for police officers to shoot fleeing suspects in the back, police unions opposed changing that policy, too."

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