I wonder what the structure of the "union" is. One might think that forming a small LLC, hiring drivers, and then promising to fulfil X number of Lyft/Uber trips per month, with the small LLC responsible for distributing money to the drivers would be the simplest fix. But yeah, as presently they're union members without an employment contract...

I mean, but whatever: What we're going to end up with is the taxi system: Specially Licensed drivers, specially licensed vehicles.
It IS unsafe. I recently bumped into an old acquaintance who is now driving full time for Uber and Lyft. He drives 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. On a really good day, he makes $300 — before expenses. For those of you who aren’t self-employed, that means he clears MAYBE half of that. Gas, maintenance, state B&O tax, federal self-employment tax, health insurance eats most of it up.

I asked him how he can drive for 12 hours without getting tired. He shrugged and said “I push through it.” Truly scary. I’ll take my chances with Orange Cab.
@3 cab drivers aren't any better. Those dudes will drive 18 hours a day if they have to. If you want a well-rested driver, you have a better chance w/ Uber or Lyft - you could get a part-time driver.
I’ve never understood the argument that these drivers are contractors. They cannot set the rate they choose to charge their customers aka clients. It seems to me if they were truly contractors, they would be able to post a fair they would charge for giving a ride, and then his customers excepted that fair the ride would be arranged. It seems to me these drivers have no control over what they charge, unless they are their own true contractor and have a black car or town car license.
Ah yes-- the weird industry where you can now start hoping you *don't* hire a professional, but instead a part-timer or hobbiest, for fear that they may be too tired to drive safely.

Wait, don't we do this to physicians/surgeons, too?
Just wondering, when Uber pulls out of Seattle if drivers do decide to vote to unionize, how are all the carless millennials going to out to their hip new bars?

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