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The governor brought us a valentine—and more.


Thanks for printing this Slog - we need to know what our governmental leaders are thinking and doing. A nice Valentine from The Stranger to us!
“Who are the greatest victims of climate change? It's people of low-income groups and communities of color, because they're living next to freeways and lower rental properties. They're living next to the toxic stew coming out of industrial plants. Those are the communities who are first affected by carbon pollution.”

Actually, with a couple of exceptions, whether you live near a traditional polluter doesn’t much affect how climate change affects you. At least in this cpuntry climate change will affect all of us more of less equally. We should not let efforts to fight climate change be derailed by arguments about local pollution problems in communities of color or of the poor. Emission from chemical plants or toxins released by. Oil refineries or led paint in your walls are important but they’re not primarily climate problems. Those are huge problems in their own right but won’t (and can’t) be addressed through greenhouse caps.

We need to cut carbon emmissions, period. Let’s not let other interests get in the way of that goal. The social ustice aspects can and should be addressed in other ways.
Yes, @1, yes -- thank you The Stranger!
You, too, Governor Inslee!

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