Watching The Left eat itself has become macabre theater in Seattle. #popcorn
Well, good for them. But, if they have 100 workers, and if total compensations for each was to reach $100k, that's $10 million annually.... So, good luck to them and I guess I need to increase my yearly donation....
I think the quality of reporting that comes out of KUOW is patently collegiate and lacks depth. Wonder if unionizing will only further entrench those in management who set that mediocre standard.
It would be interesting to know where that $15 million is going, if not to the salaries of the people producing the radio. Certainly a big chunk to NPR dues and fees.. Is UW charging rent?
ENTRY LEVEL positions only pay 40k??? How shocking! I think $19.23 an hour is decent entry level pay. Apparently nobody starts at the bottom and works their way up, you automatically start at the top. The more society speeds towards the left the more I think society needs a giant asteroid to hit the reset button.

Considering the basic Living Wage in this market is about $14.00 an hour $19.23 doesn't sound terribly out-of-line for an entry-level position that most likely requires at least a four year degree. And I don't hear the dudebro's at Amazon, where a software development engineering INTERN can pull in nearly $80K per year, complaining that their pay is too high.
Its KNKX, not KNXK. This is probably just a typo, but it's a great excuse to remember when Jenny Durkan said she loved "KXAP."

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