It says here on the King County Republicans platform

Life is precious and must be respected in both our culture and our laws. We stand with our founders in declaring that each individual has a fundamental, inalienable right to life. We support protection of innocent human life, pre-born or born, through all stages of life, illness, and disability. We support legislative prohibitions on human cloning, infanticide, euthanasia, and partial birth abortion. We approve of stem cell research which does not rely on human embryonic tissue.

Sure you do, guys. Sure you do.
I think we want solutions. Pretty sure I want solutions. I'm even willing to divert some of my Income Taxes away from the DoD to accomplish solutions.
I sent her an email that I thought was pretty reasonable, but I guess I'm just another "Anti-Trump Leftist Hater" (or ATLH, as we prefer to be called). Oh well.
Republicans are horrible people.
The original letter said “don’t be complicit by doing nothing”. If the GOP chair interprets that as calling her complicit, then she really, truly, is OK with doing nothing.
Considerate, thoughtful request imploring solutions to a national crisis = Trump loving leftist malcontent mobster hater.
She is an ultimate deplorable.
Obviously she was taken aback by the comment about being accused of being complicit. It seems disingenuous to take issue with people when they feel that they have been insulted. A better way is to engage in dialogue where you start by not insulting your adversaries.
@8, read @5.
Lori Sotelo is right. She was elected to represent the giant piles of shit in her district and so she must lead by example and be the best, biggest, pile of shit she can be. And in this she excels.
Being Republican is a mental illness. They need to be treated with therapeutic courtesy until the re-education process can be engaged.
@9: Yeah, but people are testy these days. That's my point. Move on and stop ruminating on the side stuff (unless you enjoy doing so).
@11: I'm still a registered Republican in this state. I'd like to change to Independent, but apparently that's not an option - you have to choose a party. Registering as a Democrat would be far too traumatizing for me.

So I have no recourse but to remain in your mentally ill classsificationl.
I think we have little prospect of a GOP come-back in King County, not anytime soon.
Well, Raindrop dear, then you should concentrate in working on change from within the party. Maybe you could be the new King County GOP chairperson. How many Republicans can there be in King County? Almost all the mobile home parks are gone.
Sotelo is a long-time piece of shit. She was involved with voter suppression in 2000. She got a couple of dozen voters in Seattle disqualified even though they were legit.
Hey, the Dear Leader says Obama is the "founder of ISIS" because he didn't bomb enough. Isn't the whole point of whatever Benghazi is about that Hillary Clinton wasn't proactive? And what ever (hypothetical) bad thing that the Uranium One "scandal" caused was because she didn't do something or other? Isn't the entire Republican Party built on the belief that you can't just stand by and do nothing if a woman wants to end a pregnancy? Stand back and do nothing, letting her choose, and you're complicit.

This is definitely a cornerstone of the Republican Party. Do nothing, and you're complicit. Republicans are firm believers in this principle. Maybe King County would consider electing one of them to something if they stood up for what they say they believe in.

Where's that mental health plan you guys ought to have had ready to roll out, let's ay 2001, a couple years after Columbine? You were going to fix the mental health thing to stop the shootings, right? Still working on that plan? Republicans?

Pretty sure the LW is insinuating that it was complacency on the part of lawmakers over the last 50+ years that led us to where we are now. And further complacency will inevitably lead to much of the same, if not much more. And so by that measure complacent = complicit.

Not saying it is or isn't correct, and I'd imagine it's a point that could be argued endlessly.
@1-the right to life ends when you are born. Isn't that obvious?
how can these twisted fucks come up with needs for "solutions" for assault rifle rights
The GOP official is being a snowflake. And a perfect ass.

Her right...but she IS a public figure and people do have the right to comment.

And, by the way....great job of attracting new people to the GOP.
Hey, pussies, it's just a little far-right-wing homegrown-sponsored Terrorism, nothing to be alarmed over.

The very-well-armed totally-unfucking-regulated "Well-Regulated Militia" is here to stay, America. Again, it's just a part of what makes US (exceptionally!) Great.

Remember -- nothing can, or even should be done.
Now, getting back to Abortion...
"Sotelo quoted Baldwin's final 'don't be complicit' line and then wrote: 'WOW! Just. WOW! Please, do not ever contact me again.' "

Speaking of holding Town Hall meetings, WHY don't Republicans do that anymore?

Could it be possible that far right wing gerrymandering, voter suppression and easily-hacked voting machines mean they no longer speak for the "majority" their Constituents?
Sotelo is complicit... everyone who stands in the way of common sense guns control laws is complicit and has blood on their hands - the blood of children, teenagers, batman fans, college students, christian church and synagogue attendees, African Americans, country music fans, gay bar revelers - a lot of blood. Sotelo and other anti gun control extremists are knowingly making weapons of mass destruction available to people who intend to murder. They are absolutely complicit!
@15, 20: One doesn't become a GOP leader by doing a bunch of fancy book learnin', so it's unreasonable to assume she knows the difference between complacent and complicit.
To Raindrop: It’s possible to become an Independent in this state. Last year I read in the Seattle Times Chris Vance left the Republican Party and is working to form a moderate political party.
@28: Good to know.
1. "Don't want solutions?" Uh, pretty sure she directly offered a solution - stop supporting the NRA.

2. "Haters" who "had their feelings hurt?" 17 people were murdered, you callous bitch.
Please watch this and share:…
Sotelo makes Sarah Palin look like an intellectual.
Guns Over People
All children should, beginning in Head Start, be compelled to take combat handgun training and be issued an American Made weapon before moving into the education system. It is the only solution.

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