I know this is an insane notion, but I think it may be crazy enough to work: try talking with your neighbor.

You know, come into contact with her physically and use your voice.

Either that or buy a rounded and heavy decorative stone to place where she puts the trash can.
Nathalie, you are on track to beat Charles out as best SAM writer. Please don't be so Millennial about conflict. Just tell them. In active voice.

As for Gates, I am sure the CIC can't get iTunes to work and summoned him. Y'know, a "computer person" who is "tech-savvy."
Also, Trump administration announces new economic sanctions against Russian entities for election meddling:…
What does seniority have to do with anything?
I suspect that this doesn't mean that Morgan Roof is dedicated to school. . .
TPM: New Zealand Diplomat Told Dems ‘Get Your S**t Together Or We Will All Die’

Sure is fun hearing that with their sexy Kiwi accents, though.
“Announcing” sanctions and actually implementing them are two different things. Trump has never implemented he last round of sanctions his stooges in congress “announced.”

Trump is transparently in the pocket of Putin. The fucking traitor.
And oh ho hum: Prezinazi Treasonp caught on tape bragging about how he lies to real world leaders like Canada's PMILF JTru.

How anyone can spend five seconds in the same room as that pathetic, bullying, lying POS failure and resist the compulsion to kick him as hard as humanly possible in his shrivled, tiny, dried-up marbles is a modern miracle.
@3: Yeah, against individuals already investigated by Robert Mueller. I think this is an example of what is regarded as "lip service".
In a move he claims will remove Elitism from America, The Prez is gonna sell Western Washington (and the whole Left Coast, to other, local-to-their-area Billionaires) to Mr.Gates for a reported $12,000,000,000, payable in a cashier's check to Mein Trumpfy. (That seems low to me.) It is unclear whether Mr. Gates will be immediately allowed to put up a fascist-proof fence, but, if so, he best get that in writing. Red states will still require mooching off blue, of course, and those details remain to be worked out.
I just read what these so-called sanctions are. They are a joke. They are “symbolic.” Not one sanction against Russian or Putin held companies or transaction. They are “sanctioning” the FSB. You know. That’s like “sanctions” against the CIA. Like if the CIA ever wants to import cars to the US, why they are going to have fill out some serious paperwork. The other “sanctions” are against individuals who Putin has already gifted tremendous wealth and they’d have to travel here, and they can’t since they are under indictment, for anything to be meaningful. What Trump just did was guarantee Meuller won’t ever get his hands on the spy’s responsible for buying the Trump campaign.

Sanctions. Jesus. Run any turd up a flag pole and watch who salutes.
@11: I think a better guess is that Gates is going to try to convince Trump that implanting microchips in all citizens is not a good idea.
"I'm not going to file a criminal complaint because I'm worried about my career... But I will sue my employer directly."

I used Sound Seismic to retrofit my house in Ballard. If your house was built before, I believe it's the 1980's, your house is not bolted to the foundation. I learned that after the Northridge earthquake in Cali, the city of Seattle sent engineers down to study the damage. They said some high % of homes that were declared uninhabitable would've survived if the houses were just bolted down to the foundation. Seattle then subsidized said retrofitting by coming up with some formula that said based on the size of your foundation, you need bolts/clamps every so many feet. They standardized the engineering to make it cheaper for homeowners to retrofit. That is what Sound Seismic told me. Cost me about $4,000 in 2014 dollars, and all they did was install about 20 or so clamps that connected the concrete and the wood. I'm hoping I never need to use them!!!
I'm gonna assume it was Gates requesting the meeting with Trump and not vicy-versy.
So what is on his mind important enough to swallow a shit sandwich like talking to that stupid gasbag?
I would guess probably not vaccines or women's education or micro-loans or clean drinking water.
Pointless attempting to communicate anything with a moral dimension to Trump.
My guess is H1-B visas from the businessman's perspective.
@10, 12: I honestly can't believe that you are confused as to why sanctions are being made against the people and entities that the US special counsel has declared are guilty of election meddling.

Do you also get confused as to why only the people who commit murder and tried for murder, and not random people on the street?

Do you just not know what sanctions are?

What would you rather be done? Do you want us to send in the SEALS to arrest Putin? Do you want us to declare war on a nuclear power? Did you honestly think Mueller was going to "get his hands" on these guys? He is a prosecutor, he isn't a bounty hunter or secret agent. The indictment itself was symbolic, as everyone knows that those indicted are never going to, and can never be punished without complete Russian cooperation.

I know the rich fantasy world you live in is likely more fun than reality, but you really need to come down to Earth.
Changes in gene expression, even lingering ones, don't mean that 'DNA has changed'. Also, just moving from a lifetime in Seattle to the Australian outback would also produce lingering changes in gene expression.
So for a while your yard space was worth protecting but, um, now it's not. You should call Mike O'Brien immediately and volunteer for a homeless tent or RV to park in your yard. You sound like you really don't feel much ownership over your space and they need a lot of people like you.
@18: ты чё, сука, охуел, бля? ты, глупый, повторяющийся ублюдок. ты крупный рогатый скот.


You know, I don't know what the Russian bots are saying, but I've discovered--by chance, actually--that Teddy's arguments seem to mirror the same things that are on right wing sites.
I don't want to support United because they are a lousy airline that does kill pets, but they're not worse than all the other airlines. They carry ten times more pets than the other airlines, so their dead pets are going to be ten times more numerous. They also carry animals that other airlines refuse to carry, like birds and rabbits, who die of stress if you look at them funny. Customers want to be able to ship animals that tend to die on planes, and United offer that service. Market forces.
"Prezinazi Treasonp" haha. Take THAT! #resistance

I thought one of the requirements of living in Seattle is that people never actually talk to each other.
I'd like to propose the term "Roofie" to mean when yt ppl do stupid, felonious shit and are privileged to get arrested, instead of blown away by cops.

As in, "that cracker shot up a school full of children, and all the cops did was roofie his ass".

It should probably include taking them out for burgers on the way to the cop shop, or some shit like that.
@16: "My guess is H1-B visas from the businessman's perspective."

That's a really good guess. Now that you mentioned it, that would be my guess too. If you've ever walked through a campus at Microsoft, you know just how dear they hold that program.

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