I’m fine with yelling at a Nazi, (maybe just walk up and say “hi. You know Nazis wear shirts like that. And Nazis are loser piles of shit.” And leave.) but crying to the business owner like they are your mommy and you want them to get the mean Nazi is fucking pathetic. Look, Call-Out-Culture. Own your shit. Handle it. And then leave.
The word is the German-language generic term for air force.
The lady is a moron.
When do we start calling out morons?
At some point some world-class idiots took over large swaths of the left. There is nothing even vaguely fascistic about the imagery on that shirt, unless all birds of prey are now "fascist." It's like freaking out on someone for having a Volkswagen shirt.
Yes, it just means Air Force, but that eagle is the Nazi eagle, shorn of its dangling swastika. The font is stupid and means nothing; that alone suggests that it could be connected with Nazis, because Nazis are not too bright.

The current German Luftwaffe logo looks nothing like this. If he was just a fan of the German air force, this is not the shirt he would be wearing.
#4: True enough.
When did progressives start showing up on Monty Python sketches? Oh yeah, about the same time they cravenly ran from the word "liberal."
#4: Of course it's worth pointing out that the current logo would probably be described as "Nazi-like" too, what with the WWII era cross. Would the new design really have provoked a different reaction? If the guy was really talking shit on Jews, I think we can safely call him a Nazi, but the shirt alone doesn't do it.
come on, that shirt is definitely evoking nazi symbolism with the colors, the specific eagle, and the font. but yes, call him out and move on. but even i had to search to make sure that was the specific eagle before i would say with such certainty. on the spot i'm not sure i could make that call, and i wouldn't want to hold it against a store owner who was not aware. especially given these circumstances.

on the other hand, how often does this sort of thing happen? i feel this story, and the previous story referenced about the punk rock market, are outliers. the message of promoting these stories is that the person doing the calling out is wrong or misinformed. is that really the current pattern? should the message be don't call out because you could be wrong? or that a member of a minority group can't make a mistake in a situation.

i'm all for verifying stuff and being civil or whatever, but these stories feel rather foxnews-like in focusing on a small problem at the cost of the larger problem. the larger problem being neo-nazi racists.
I think the real issue - it's not if you can wear a nazi shirt or not, but what we think is an acceptable way to interact with content and ideas we don't like.

And right now, the method embraced in the progressive liberal circles of outrage and hashtag activism, had a lot of flaws, namely in that plenty of innocent people are being hurt needlessly: using well established techniques we can easily avoid harming people like these restaurant owners. Yet, in their anger, these activist types have decided the collateral damage doesn't matter.

“It has caused us immense heartache and pain,” - are Snoke and Smith going to own the fact that they caused it? Unlikely.
Jews don’t need to be lectured by millennial hipster shiksas as to what constitutes nazism
Far left pro Palestinian progressives are as antisemitic as nazis.
The symbolism sensitivity is an interesting thing. There are Motorhead and other punk and metal t-shirts in my collection I will not wear anymore because of the symbolic weight of the iron cross and other symbols co-opted and employed by the Nazis. I would never even consider wearing a contemporary Luftwaffe t-shirt because of the simple association of the name (and because I don't really support the German Air Force in any of its iterations). But what if I did wear a Motorhead t-shirt with some Nazi-adjacent imagery in a restaurant? Should the restaurant really be punished because I offended one of its customers with my poor taste? The public reaction is clearly disproportionate to the "crime."
@12 apparently, Snoke is a big Motorhead fan and had pictures of Lemmy up on her Facebook

@10 is a shiksa any non Jewish woman? For some reason I thought it was only white women
I guess minding your own business and eating your fricking lunch is too hard for some self-righteous pricks. But hey, good publicity for the restaurant!
#13: Well that's an interesting can of worms.
In case anyone was wondering file:///Bundeswehr_Logo_Luftwaffe_with_lettering.svg">File:Bundeswehr_Logo_Luftwaffe_with_lett…">this is the current iteration of the German Air Force logo. Yes, it's still der Luftwaffe, because, well, an air force is still an air force, but I can imagine it would be far more problematic for someone to freak out over this, than the clearly WW-II era design (as others noted only lacking a swastika in the eagle's talons) this guy was wearing.
Okay, that turned out weird...
It's a provocation. Wearing a t-shirt that is just one step of plausible deniability away from being a Nazi symbol into a restaurant serving traditional Russian cuisine—even if he didn't know the owners were Jewish—is a super dick move. My guess is it wasn't unintentional.
In other news, she may have prayed, but i seriously doubt her grandmother "crossed her fingers", as, from what i understand, Shekinah/Yahweh/Elohim/Hashem/G_d is not likely to respond to the sign of the cross.
Interesting how the "military store" referenced in the Raw Story article specifically calls this a Wehrmacht shirt. What's the Wehrmacht again? Germany now calls their armed forces Bundeswehr. Because the Nazi armed forces, or Wehrmacht were officially disbanded in 1946.
in 1955 when West Germany joined NATO, as the Western Allies believed that Germany was needed to counter the increasing military threat posed by the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies. Therefore, on 9 January 1956, a new German Air Force called Luftwaffe was founded as a branch of the new Bundeswehr.

Sit and spin, SJW twat.

that is not a "nazi" shirt lady! lolz.
I just recently saw a kid walking down the sidewalk wearing an Independent t-shirt that featured the image of the Iron Cross. Should I have punched that fucking Nazi?
@2 The T-shirt is sort of like the word "88" with neo nazis or ((( ))) between words. The Modern German Luftwaffe uses an Iron Cross for their symbol, not an eagle..
Oy, gevalt. What a time to be alive.

Happy ending is that the restaurant has apologized at least twice, educated their hosts on the ADL's list of neo-Nazi icons, and appears to have gotten a nice boost of sympathetic attention. Thank you, call-out culture!
“There are plenty of good reasons for fighting,' I said, 'but no good reason ever to hate without reservation, to imagine that God Almighty Himself hates with you, too. Where's evil? It's that large part of every man that wants to hate without limit, that wants to hate with God on its side. It's that part of every man that finds all kinds of ugliness so attractive.”

Fake news, period.
and so soon after that idiot in greenlake cried to the seattle times about her neighbor's confederate flag...that was actually Norwegian.

i lean left and there was most certainly a time when "political correctness" had its place - the basics of don't be a racist, don't be a dick to people of certain religions, don't be an ass towards gay people....then its started getting wackier by the year. it really is like a slightly toned down version of south parks PC Principal.
@30 insane. They've been flying the Norwegian flag (which looks as much like the Confederate flag as the Mexican flag looks like this dudes t shirt) in Ballard since before I was born.

@27 this is not a happy ending. Let someone come round a fuck up your shit and force you to apologize for it and then call it a happy ending.

Aside from that being one of the stupidest rationalizations for being a douche-nozzle to come across these comment threads in quite some time, I can't wait to find out how you fare when you try to pull that kind of stupidity on a U.S. Marine, or a burly UPS driver, or a female lumberjill, or whatever.

In short, when it comes to disgust, no doubt the feeling is entirely mutual...
The trouble is that too many folks are just wandering around looking for outrage-provoking situations (as they see it) to affirm their self-worth by being potentially victimized.
So a lot of the discussion here is revolving around "is the shirt Nazi or isn't it?"

Here's the real absurdity:

"He alerted his friends. “I asked our table if they knew what it meant and said this might not be people we want to eat next to.” Snoke and the others started looking up the image on their phones. Smith, meanwhile, listened in on the conversation at the table next to them."

So you are so hyper woke that you have to be scanning your surroundings constantly for possible deviations from politics you consider unacceptable, building a case through research and reference on the internet, eavesdropping on private conversations, snapping unauthorized pictures of the accused, and then finally denouncing the offender.

There were indeed fascists in that restaurant, using the very tools of secret police everywhere. They weren't wearing Luftwaffe t-shirts though.
@32 I wrote to the Side Door to warn them about her reprehensible behaviour.

@32 @36 doxxing is shitty
@37- and publicly accusing Jewish deli owners of being Nazi sympathisers isn't? GFY.
@37. Francis7 is right. Publicly slandering someone is absolutely disgraceful. We cannot let people such as Snoke get away with it and fuck with people's livelyhood, just because she deemed something "offensive". Who the fuck does she thinks she is, frankly? Like they say, what comes around, goes around. Not only that but it goes deeper;our liberties and rights to free speech and being an individual are the line. Enough with the thought police. About time SJW crybullies got a taste of their own medicine. Maybe next time she will think twice before opening her yap and accuse anyone she disagrees with a "Nazi" or a "Nazi sympathiser".
Keep it it up Katie. You were right about the Dumpster 🔥.
Deavon Snoke? Really? That can't be a real name.

Yet, it totally fits.
The flu pandemic of 1918 killed over 100 million people worldwide. One of the aspects of the virus is that it didn't kill directly. It put the bodies' own immune system into overdrive, attacking the body itself. That's why there was a much higher death rate among healthy adults than among children and the elderly.

trump & his racist cronies are the virus. It is creating a strong reaction among the nation's immune system, people are fighting back against it. Sometimes it overreacts and attacks the body itself. But never forget: it is the racism first that caused this.
I'm confused. You can't deny service to anyone based on gender issues, sexuality etc. such as wedding cakes. But you can based on the t-shirt a person is wearing? This appears to be what is being suggested here. I thought this matter was settled by the courts - your disagreement with a person's lifestyle and ideas isn't a foundation to refuse service.
@38 the whatabout Hall of Fame is adding for your measurements for the millennial pink jacket. Two wrongs don't make a right.
@42: That's an interesting and reasonable take on it.
@43: The difference is, a person can control what t-shirt he wears. A person can't change his race, gender, and sexual orientation. Are you actually confused by civil rights laws? Or is it rather that you wish civil rights laws didn't exist but are too afraid to say so? I'm thinking it's the latter.
Katchke is also duck in Yiddish and used to be slang for “clumsy.”
Shikse always sounded “sexy”

muffy @ 11
Those far right Christian “friends of Israel” will toss you and that country as soon as they can. Note that their anti-Muslim rhetoric would have been considered anti-Semitic if directed at Jews.
Not sure whom you are specifically referring to here, but dismissing any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism only dilutes the real hate crimes.
"Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster..."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Deavon Snoke has become a monster. All the pearl-clutching, hair-trigger, offended-on-demand nitwits lurking the halls of Twitter and such, looking for any perceived slight and willing to drag down anyone that doesn't see the world EXACTLY as they do, have become monsters.

@38- GFY

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