I wold have been more impressive had she called bullshit on the NRA influenced, current interpretation of the Second Amendment - what part of "well regulated" do you not understand?
Chasing this feel-good-to-lefties red herring certainty doesn't show that we have a very intelligent mayor, much less one that knows the role of government in a free society or the practicality of defending oneself with a gun in certain situations or how on earth it could be enforced. What a despicable pubic servant she has already become.

Or "militia" for that matter.


We'll take her over the opposition any day of the week.
This is nothing more than a photo op, folks. Whooooo after someone commits a gun crime the city can throw on "failure to have a gun safe" crime, that'll make everyone feel better. but not safer!
@4: Don't worry, there hasn't been any real opposition to liberal large city power-happy mayors in this country for decades.
But if your gun's locked in a safe you won't have enough time to shoot through your door at that noise you heard in the hallway which is definitely a murdering rapist and not your children or spouse or pet.
Next step: make gun-suckers buy insurance.
#3 it’s political pandering. We all know it. Let her feed the Leftist dogs their bone.
what part of the 2nd does she "strongly support"? does she believe that a well-regulated militia is essential to the security of a free state? it isn't.

does she believe that limits on access to full-auto firearms infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms? they do.

since colonel jackson whipped the bloody british at the town of new Orleans in 1815, have we even used the unorganized militia to defend a free state?
@3, @9: how many human lives have to be saved by this law before you change your snap judgments of it?

I’m guessing neither of you will offer an actual number. Prove me wrong.
Oooooh, mister robber/rapist, you SURE picked the wrong house to break into!!! (fumbling with gun safe/trigger lock....) you just wait right there, you are gonna get yours, that's right! (fumbling with key/combination/stuck door) Just as soon as I get this safe/trigger lock opened, you are gonna be SORRY!!
@1&4 Supreme Court settled it, an individuals right to own firearms. That said, Safe storage is a good idea. Safe handling. Guns are only loaded when on your person. I have guns not in the safe when At home unloaded, like to keep one within reach by the bedside. If kids are in the house everything is lock up. Pretty easy.
@7 why ruin a door? Tell the rapist you have a gun and come if they want to get shot.
@14 Yeah, the Supreme Court decided Heller, but nothing in constitutional law is ever "settled."

The Supreme Court previously "settled" the rights of African Americans in the Dred Scott decision, finding that they could never be American citizens. The Supreme Court also went on to decide in that same case that Congress could not get rid of slavery.

The Supreme Court also previously "settled" whether women have the right to vote in Minor v. Happersett. The Court decided that under the Constitution, it was totally o.k. to deny women the right to vote.

I can go on and on. Don't expect the current interpretation of the Second Amendment to last: nothing in constitutional law is set in stone.
@13 on the scale of the city of Seattle, it doesn't seem especially effective.
The fucking coddling these fucking ammosexuals require with their fucking bullet squirting dick-analogs really runs counter to their self image as macho manly types.

I have long felt that parents of underage mass shooters should be held responsible for their children's crimes if the guns involved belonged to the parents.

If your kid can get to your guns without you providing the access, you're an irresponsible gun owner and should be criminally liable for crimes committed by your child with your guns.

Kids and adolescents don't yet have the level of emotional development required to have unfettered access to or use of firearms, so spare us the empty BS about how your 15 year-old knows how to handle a gun responsibly.
So the pattern is: temper your quintessential conservatism in matters of broad impact (like imposing “austerity” budgets on a city experiencing massive growth) with low-impact sops to the Left, in order to provide a smokescreen of legitimacy. Great.
I’m a gun owner who is for more gun regulation, strict safety training and licensing requirements. I always keep my guns in a safe. I keep the key to my gun safe in another small (hidden) safe.

It is beyond me why other gun owners oppose background checks, safety training and storage requirements, etc. Weed out the wackos, leave gun ownership to trained, vetted, and responsible owners. The responsible gun owners who are left won’t have to defend ourselves as not “one of those crazy gun owners”, because most will be weeded out.
I don't know how practical this law will be but the theft of firearms is a real problem. My guns are always secured. It takes a little planning and preparation but the alternative is unthinkable. There was a time when very few people wore seatbelts in their cars and fatality rates from crashes were at the roof. People learned to buckle up. People can learn to safely store firearms. One place to start is to STOP LEAVING GUNS IN CARS!
@9: but aren't you worried about a slippery slope? another city, even a entire state, could adopt this law if it makes it through the courts. that slope is FUCKING SLIPPERY, and in 30 or 40 years, they're gonna take yer guns!

Molon Labe, Rightist Dog!

If you use "normal common sense" and are already doing things like not keeping loaded firearms out where anyone can access them - then you shouldn't have any problems complying with this law, should you? But, no you have to hyperventilate and propose the most EXTREME "solutions" to any firearms-related issue, as if by doing so it invalidates the necessity for doing anything at all.

As for "adding anything new to the penalties already in-place", I'm guessing it will, given the fact that gun owners are currently almost NEVER held accountable for leaving a loaded firearm laying around and their kid accidentally shoots themselves or someone else. In fact, Washington State does not even have a law on the books (at least none that I can find or that's sourced in any obvious location) regarding "Child Access Prevention" (CAP), not to mention any requirement for trigger locks - very few states do. So, I'm not exactly certain what "penalties" you're referring to, since, for the moment there ARE no penalties for this, and it is extremely rare for a parent to be held criminally liable when their child accidentally discharges a firearm, regardless of any resulting fatality or injury.

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