Has New Zealand tried looking into Isengard?
What the hell is the "Battery Park Tunnel?" the link goes to an article about the Battery Street Tunnel
I'd almost forgotten the two pedo stories by the time i got to the Toys 'R Us story.
Why aren't comments an option on Sean Nelson stories?
@2: that threw me too.

some things aren't really convertible into park space. tunnels and crumbling, seismically vulnerable elevated freeways are 2 examples that come to mind here.

if WSDOT or SDOT doesn't need it for storage or maintenance, fuck it. we have lots of rubble.
@4: because he thinks comments are pointless shitshows. he'll tell you personally if you email him.
@2: Yes, "Park" should be "Street" - it's just an error.
I fail to see why a politician buying ads on a popular music streaming service is newsworthy. I got through the first half of Eli's post about it, and I still wasn't sure why I was bothering to read it.

Kinda a funny/understandable one too, given that she was just (still is?) in NYC, where Battery Park is located.
Regarding the Battery Street tunnel, anyone have an idea where the "hundreds of millions of dollars" figure listed in the Seattle Times article comes from? In a KOMO article I see "tens of millions" quoted as the cost of necessary seismic upgrades should it not be filled, and $80 million as the cost of filling it up. Is there really no feasible alternative between these figures (say, $30 – $80 million)?
If Mr. Nelson is reading this, Dylan Moran was in Calvary, NOT Cavalry. Philistine.
Is Seattle sure it doesn't want to propose a study to the tune of somewhere around $100 million to see if there are any useful alternatives to the battery tunnel? I'm sure there are some cronies that still need to be paid off.
@12 Fixed! Thanks for noticing!

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