This happened to the elevator operators of old and the pony express riders.

What do you do? You adapt just like everyone else.
The rich so rarely need to adapt. Strange.
Well, that's a bit depressing. Another layer of hard-working citizenry losing access to employment so that a corporate entity can save money for its investors. Even a physically demanding job is far better than no job. Same S, different day.
I feel bad for them but no job is ever sure, whether blue collar or white.
@4: That's all that really needs to be said. And ...
When a door closes, a window opens!
this won't make up a 75 million/year deficit at UWMC, but you can see why they'd consider jettisoning services outside their core competency.

how do the other hospitals handle their laundry? VM, Swedish, Harbourzoo?
They have a choice. Lower their pay. Or get Outsourced and out of work. It's not like they can just go to another Industrial Laundry facility. They have to give in if the UW says "what will you give up to stay?". Maybe they won't ask at all. But, it sounds like the workers know they already are gonna ask. I don't think they'll be offered other positions. Because that has them still employed. When they university is trying to get rid of them in the first place.
@9 The main issue for UW appears to be the likely cost of necessary upgrades and improvements to the existing laundry facility, which is over 30 years old.
27 bucks an hour to load laundry machines, where do I sign up?
@13 $27/hr AFTER decades of loading BIO-HAZZARDOUS laundry into old machines that need upgrading. Do you have the years of applicable and required experience for the journeyman and supervisory-level pay? Or do you think you can walk in with zero work experience, and leap from beginning pay of $15/hr to $27/hr, just because you're so very "exceptional"?

Do you know what bio-hazzards mean?
@1 Where's the analogy? Are the private companies 100% automated with robots sorting and loading laundry? You're a DOTARD like your fave pal DOTUS!

@5 Please call these people up forthwith and show them these windows that have opened for them. Their children will thank you forever! Let us know if you can't find their number, I'll personally go down to the laundry place and collect all of their digits for you!

Lol. I bet you'd quit within a week, crying all the while at how haaaaard the work was, you pansy.
$5 million a year. That is, just about exactly, the amount UW pays its top 10 paid doctors. It's just 40% more than what the football coach gets. 7 times Cauce's pay. And, of course the private company will undercut it a bit at first (not nearly $5 million, of course), to make the privatization happen. And then the price will go back up with lower pay for the workers but a nice cut for the owners. Privatization rarely works out for the government in the long run, but it does produce another profit center for the rich. The UW hospital will always need laundry. A very constant amount of it day to day. Its stupid to outsource things like that, provide a perfectly constant investment return to someone else rather than yourself.
It would be better to cut the president’s huge salary and other overpaid, privileged, top clerks than do away with essential laundry workers.

Clean laundry is a basic need as anyone who values clean laundry would know. It is not a luxury everyone deserves it. Cowards take these budget issues on laundry workers. Stop increasing poverty now.

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