How about in an effort to promote diversity oh the radio, give $50k to Hollow Earth Radio which will sustain its operations for a decade.
@1 That's exactly what I was going to say. They would never miss it. I truly hope KEXP gives it some thought.
We get it Dave, you're vegan.
Fucking vegans, always wanting special non-carnivorous special treatment and charitable subsidies.
well for sure they can knock off the fund drives every quarter for a while.....
I for one endorse the vegan restaurant and Dave playing his weird records!
KEXP can maybe use some of that money to add about 500 more "Albums" to their current selection.
I second the Riz bonus, he sealed my devotion to KCMU many years ago and is a Seattle treasure.
@1: Oh yes! That would be wonderful. I also heartily endorse DJ Riz having some cash make its way to him. He is, as katrat rightly points out, a treasure.
Riz is of course a treasure (his FB page is always an outpouring of love in both directions), but I'd like to recommend a GINOURMOUS daytime weekend party at the fountain this summer. Riz, Kevin, John, Cheryl, Michelle, Sharlese, and the rest of the gang in swim wear with mojitos, and an across the board 15% raise for all the folks at kexp. Best radio station on the planet, these cats deeerve a raise.
How about they buy a real broadcast signal for the UW student radio station that is stuck as online only because KEXP swindled the broadcast signal out of the university?
Definitely the money to Riz. Definitely. I also like the idea of @1 and @11. KEXP needs to spread the wealth around if they actually care about community as much as they talk about community.
KEXP is going to use this money to increase their staff's salaries.
If in 2005 they were paying John in the Morning $120K how much is he getting now? (…) How much do the other bigwigs get?
I'd like to see what this 'non profit' organizations actually spends its money on. But of course that info's nowhere to be found.
@13 why not ask them ?
@14 I think @13 is looking for greater transparency, without having to get agro and up in the face of KEXP staff. Maybe there is an annual report somewhere? Maybe that could be found on a web site? KEXP is kind of a big deal these days, maybe it makes sense to adopt (additional) corporate practices in some (additional) regards.
The cost of living continues to go up in this hilarious city every single day. While there's no doubt that donation is generous, does an already (seemingly) wildly successful radio station really NEED $10 million bucks in this place/time? I'm not blaming anyone at the station by any means, and I would certainly be excited if I got that kind of money, but aren't there an outstanding amount of people and organizations who could use this money to help people in need improve their lives? $10 million bucks in the name of musical entertainment just seems a little excessive. Here's hoping this donor sent an equal or greater amount out there to help some folks, too.
@13 & 15: Google KEXP Annual Report and click on the Management and Finance Tab. I don't think you'll find salary information there however.

@16: It was her money and she left it to something she cared about; independent radio.
That you might disapprove is, I'm sure, something she agonized about on her deathbed.
@15 ..@14’s first sentence is an assumption , a bad one at that. i’m staff and i can assure you, despite dave’s generously lovely suggestion, i’m not gettin a raise from this. if forestwater thinks so, they’ve no basis for it, despite what whomever got in 2000whenever. the station has a legal compunction for tranparency but the salaries of its employees may not be, that lack of info is neither unsual or nefarious. but the info about what they plan do with the money has been asserted publicly, the station isn’t hiding it. it’s easy to find, as it should be.

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