Pot misdemeanors, who GAF? When are we going to reverse/repair the crack/cocaine sentencing disparities that existed for years?
That's quite a photo.
It must be really hard to feel like a lady in those uniforms....…
Immigration AND marijuana. Somehow I am having a little trouble seeing how the Sessions/Keebler Elf Justice Department is going to be willing to recognize vacation of these convictions.
I'm once again proud to be a citizen of Seattle. Well done, City Attorney Holmes and Mayor Durkan.

These were misdemeanors; I would imagine that puts them well below the threshold for federal intervention.
@6- Not so much a question of whether the Feds would intervene in a proceeding to vacate a conviction as whether they would recognize the vacation. For immigrants drug convictions can have very serious consequences. They might make you deportable (although I don't think that a single MJ possession conviction will) or excludable, preventing you from returning if you leave the country. My point was that our fine Attorney General not only hates pot but hates immigrants and I can't imagine Justice under Sessions doing anything to help them out.
You should acquaint yourself with the difference between immigrant and illegal alien.
See also shopper / shop lifter ; for example.

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