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I've given a lot of thought to how I store my firearms.

They are all stored in a safe. The key to the safe is in a separate, hidden, combo-only mini safe. They are all unloaded except for one handgun. That handgun has a full magazine, but no round is chambered, and it is not cocked. Yet, by the standards of this article, I'm not safely storing my guns.

As an aside, I’m a gun owner who is also for more gun regulation, strict safety training and licensing requirements.

It is beyond me why other gun owners oppose background checks, safety training and storage requirements, etc. Weed out the wackos, leave gun ownership to trained, vetted, and responsible owners. The responsible gun owners who would be left wouldn't have to defend themselves as not “one of those crazy gun owners”.

Finally, I'm trying to be a little more outspoken about my gun ownership (at least online) because the conversation is currently dominated by crazy NRA nuts who think any regulation is an affront, and by anti-gun activists who think that anyone who owns a gun is a crazed psycho. I'm trying to represent a kind of gun owner who wants sensible regulation, and wants gun owners to be highly trained and competent.


Clearly, they come from broken homes.


Why am I not surprised by this sad statistic? Sigh
@2 ohthetrees: Thank you and bless you for being among the sane, responsible gun owners. Could you please spread the word?


37 percent?!

That's way higher than I'd have guessed -- like 15 to 20% would have seemed par for Washington's well-regulated militia. Of course it is a voluntary survey. Considering how often the gun is actually loaded when they think it's not, half of that 37% are probably giving themselves too much credit.

Don't you kind of wish we could all stop the charade and just take way all the guns and all the pit bulls from men, and leave women out of it? It has never really been about women anyway.


I don't think you're in the minority of gun owners. There are plenty of polls out there showing that even most gun owners are in favor of more background checks, more safety, more laws to help keep guns out of the hands of people who intend to commit crime with them.

Unfortunately, the NRA disagrees with most gun owners. They want access to guns to be as easy and nonrestrictive as possible. The more guns owners out there, the more prospects they can solicit for donations and memberships.

It's the NRA that has congress by the balls, not the gun owners. If gun owners would reject the NRA we might have more sensible, reasonable gun laws in this country. Laws that DON'T take away guns from responsible people, but DO keep them away from irresponsible ones. Unfortunately, most gun owners are just as lazy about voting as most other people in this country.


I wouldn’t worry about guns in a city where hatchets and ball bats are a new popularity.


I will never keep all my weapons in a safe. Don't like it? Boo fucking hoo. I grew up with guns everywhere. Guess what? We didn't shoot each other. I am as liberal as a normal liberal could be.


Nothing more useless than an unloaded trigger-locked firearm.


"I am as liberal as a normal liberal could be."

Totally played out: pretending you're the opposite of some stereotype to "prove" some liberal stereotype is wrong. "I'm a black Republican, therefore Republicans aren't racist! Liberals are the real racists!" "I love and respect Mike Pence, and I'm gay!" "I support waterboarding and profiling in airports, and I'm an Arab Muslim!"

No, you're fucking not. Shut up. You're not fooling anybody, and you're not proving anything.


@8 and let's not forget raping in the restrooms in Ballard by our growing homeless population.



To be fair, the NRA stopped representing a majority of gun owners years ago: now they mainly represent gun manufacturers, which is why they so vehemently advocate for continued unfettered access to the products of their patrons and benefactors.


Your threshold for what's "popular" must be pretty low if a single, isolated incident meets your decidedly netherish standards. Either that, or that word doesn't mean what you think it means...


Can we count on you to be equally as outraged at all the other rapes committed elsewhere in the City by our growing homed population?


@14 COMTE: Again, thank you.


@5 GermanSausage: Some of them have toddlers who are already doing just that (i.e.: A Marysville police officer and his wife have to live with the tragic loss of their then 7-year-old daughter, fatally shot by her 3-year-old brother in the back seat of the family SUV when their parents left the kids unattended while going into a convenience store at a gas station. The cop's firearm was cocked and loaded on the car floor within reach of Jr.).


Only a couple of my guns are locked up in their cases, because I rarely pull them out. The rest I either carry on a regular basis or have on stand-by for home defense. But just an fyi, there are no minors in my house nor do any come to my house. It is just myself and 3 other adult roommates. And we keep our house locked at all times. Now if I could afford a gun safe, I would probably keep my guns inside it. But unfortunately, the price of gun safes is outrageously high. One day I will get one though, but until then, some of my guns remain unlocked and loaded.
I am also a Veteran with extensive training and use of firearms as well as working in armed security for a govt contractor and regularly going to the range to maintain my training and skills.

In response to Urgutha Forka (in a related article, about arming teachers), you claim that "it is very hard to hit center mass from 50' feet away with a pistol." Well, I go to the range often and from 25 yards (75 feet), I still hit center mass with every shot. And that is with strict state testing requirements. Some of the shots were also moving shots (sometimes me, sometimes the target). So no, it really isn't that hard to hit center mass from 50' away if you are properly trained and know how to operate a pistol. I suggest you go to a range and try it out.

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