How about you Justin Trudont do this
How about you Justin Trudon't do this Scott Olson / Getty Images

Canada is buying the Kinder Morgan pipeline: You know, the one from the Alberta oil sands to the Pacific Coast that protesters fervently resisted? Yeah, “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is buying it for $4.5 billion Canadian (US $3.4 billion)” to ensure it gets built reports the Associated Press. The project was halted and almost scrapped after protests and a lack of cooperation from local governments. That’s all in the past now, I guess. That’s because on the surface Justin Trudeau is deceptively pretty and kind but who the fuck knows what’s lurking underneath. The project will be a huge threat to indigenous peoples’ lands, just like the Keystone Pipeline in the U.S. But, as Canadian government officials put it, it's an investment in Canada's future.

Anger over police chief finalists: Carmen Best, current interim Seattle Police Chief, was not one of the finalists chosen by the group of advisers close to Durkan. Best’s name was one of five put forward by the mayor’s Police Search Committee to be chosen for chief. Still, she didn’t make the top three. None of the people who made that decision were a part of the original committee. When asked why Best was omitted, former Mayor Tim Burgess cited that they were looking for someone outside of Seattle to run things at SPD. This sparked outrage. A media event today will call for more transparency and fairness and, essentially, a do-over of the selection process.

Good news for the rental market: Rents for the single-family home market in Seattle only rose 0.4 percent in February. That’s a meager amount compared to years past. For instance, last year rents were up 4 percent and two years before, it was 9 percent, reports the Seattle Times. Some say the surplus in apartments have chilled the single-family home rental market. In the last year, the amount of homes for rent has jumped 20 percent. This weird feeling in my chest—is it… hope?

Some post-dam revegetation: The removal of the Elwha Dam was the biggest dam-removal project in the world. The work didn’t stop after the physical dam was blasted away. A $4 million replanting effort began as soon as the dam was gone. Vegetation prevents erosion. It was a challenge because all of the land had been underwater; there was no topsoil and only lake-bed sediments to work with. The process was gradual but successful. The replanting started with the park service but other plants began to grow naturally.

8th district race gets aggressive: The fight for Congressman Dave Reichert’s 8th Congressional District seat is getting nasty. Two Democrats vying for the seat have gotten personal in their criticisms. Jason Rittereiser, an attorney, has attacked perceived Democratic front runner Dr. Kim Schrier over her medical practice. Rittereiser alleges that Schrier “refused to treat the vast majority of poor kids on medicare.” Schrier denied this and said her work within a flawed medical system is part of why she chose to run. Whichever Democrat makes it past the primary will face off against former state senator Dino Rossi. You know how we feel about him.

Starbucks racial bias training is this afternoon: Get your frap and your croissant before Starbucks doors close across the country today. The four hour closure will cost the company $12 million. It’ll probably be beneficial in the long run. It can’t hurt to brush up on racism and implicit biases.

Climbers rescued after 300-foot fall: Three climbers plummeted 300 feet on Mount Hood on Monday where the conditions were slippery and difficult. They were rescued. All had injuries but they weren’t life-threatening.

First permanent shelter for Mary’s Place: The organization that houses homeless women, children, and families purchased a spot in Burien that can shelter 200 people per night. Mary’s Place operates 10 locations that are all on loan from different organizations from King County to Amazon. Now, with the help of a local Seattle couple, Mary’s Place has purchased a permanent location for $5 million. Don’t worry, they still need help. Donate sheets, blankets, towels, and more here.

Crazy wind or angry spirit? A wild whirlwind sent rafts and tables flying at Lake Sammamish yesterday. Witnesses said a small breeze occurred beforehand and that it felt like the temperature dropped 20 degrees. I’m no meteorologist, but I have watched a number of television shows about ghosts. This seems like a classic vengeful spirit, a poltergeist, if you will. Sure, experts are classifying this as a “whirlwind,” but that’s what they want us to think.

Some things you may have already seen: The weekend was luxuriously long. I felt like a kid on summer break again with no responsibilities and no wifi. But, there were some viral videos that the world saw that maybe you haven’t seen yet. We have to fix that.

First: This incredible story about the man, an undocumented immigrant from Mali, who miraculously rescued a 4-year-old dangling from a Parisian apartment building. His heroic act gained him full French citizenship and a job as a firefighter.

The Cavs are headed to the NBA finals: Here’s an accurate tweet about that

Also this:

Flash flooding devastates Maryland:

Here’s the aftermath:

New tariffs on Chinese technology: Strap in, the White House is moving forward with tough trade measures on China. The United States will “levy 25 percent tariffs on $50 billion of imported Chinese goods,” the New York Times reports. The targeted goods include “industrially significant technology.” Whatever that means. The final list of restricted items will be announced on June 15.

At least 4,645 people died in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria: That’s a bit more than the U.S. government’s official count of 64. This calls into question the way Puerto Rico counts its dead in the wake of disasters and its lack of transparency. It wasn’t until a Harvard study was conducted that the true death toll was realized. Hurricane Maria caused $90 billion in damages and a 62 percent increase in mortality rate.

Man tries to burn American flag blanket, starts 5-acre wildfire: This took place 65 miles northeast of Ellensburg in Ephrata, Washington. "No matter your political views, we think it's safe to say we can all agree starting a wildfire is no good," Grant County Fire District 13 wrote wisely on Facebook.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: The Stranger's housing crisis-focused Night School: NIMBY, YIMBY & PHIMBY, moderated by Heidi Groover, an expansive pop show with Wet and Inc. No World, and a night of poetry about immigration and emigration with Jenny Xie and Cathy Linh Che.