The Fremont Troll is classified as likely just a rumor on Liminal Seattles new map
The Fremont Troll is classified as "likely just a rumor" on Liminal Seattle's new map Matt Reames @spookymatt

Ten arrested outside Northwest Detention Center: The protest going on outside the Tacoma facility has drawn about 160 people. Last night, around 40 were blocking the road to the detention center. Police were called. One man who jumped on an officer’s back was arrested on suspicion of third degree assault. Two protesters were arrested under suspicion of resisting arrest while the remaining seven were arrested for failing to disperse, according to the Seattle Times.

Calling all Seattle-area Mulders, leave your Scully at the door: Ever feel an unexplained cold spot? Or maybe a mysterious smell of sulfur and a feeling of dread? Maybe you’ve got a plethora of cryptoid run-ins or have a detailed account of a fairy sighting. Whatever it is, Liminal Seattle, the new crowdsourced map of the paranormal, wants to know about it. This new site asks users to document the locations and details of weird encounters with the paranormal and the preternatural, nightmare fuel and the stuff that sends chills running down spines. The map already has a ton of locations. According to it, the Fremont Troll is considered just a “rumor,” all of South Lake Union is just Hell Mouth, and somewhere in Greenwood is “That Thing We Don’t Talk About.” My birthday party next year will be a paranormal crawl to a healthy amount of locations on this list. You are all invited.

Seattle Fire Department makes some changes for safety after assaults increase: SFD is doubling its staff for certain calls. They’re adding extra firefighters to calls around areas like Pioneer Square and homeless encampments. Instead of the typical two firefighters responding to those areas, there will be six. Additionally, SFD will be issued bullet proof vests and will undergo de-escalation trainings. The changes were made as a response to an assault on a firefighter in May. Incidents like that one are less and less uncommon these days and SFD is committed to protecting their firefighters as well as who they’re helping.

Streetcar fate remains unknown: The Seattle streetcar expansion was stalled in March because of huge cost increases — up $23 million more than expected. Mayor Durkan requested a review that would cost $416,000. The deadline for that review was “no later than June 19th.” Guess what day it’s not and hasn’t been for over a week? You’re right. June 19th. The deadline has come and gone and a spokesperson for the mayor has said it’s because Durkan just wants an incredibly thorough report done. Will the streetcar will live or die? Who will rescue it from perdition or put it out of its misery?

Fire on a barge: A scrap barge in Georgetown caught fire last night at around 8 p.m. It was fueled by scrap and rubber. Crews battled the fire by land and from the sky. Black plumes of smoke billowed above the flames.

Seattleites separated from loved ones because of travel ban: Yesterday, the Supreme Court backed Trump’s travel ban. Now, people from all over the world can’t make it into the U.S. Or, they’re having an incredibly difficult time doing so. All over the Seattle area — from people who have relationships with those from the now-blocked countries to Seattle’s large Somali population — the travel ban is tearing families apart. Those who have US spouses or are children seeking to join their parents have to apply for a waiver. Even then, the process is dismally slow and incredibly rigorous.

Some weather for you:

A chrome extension to weed out the scammers: Cluck, invented by Seattle-area engineer Joyce Wu, gets rid of the scammers on Craigslist apartment ads. It’s still in its beginning phases, but Cluck is a useful tool for people who could potentially be swindled out of a security deposit or a month of rent by a scam post of a fake listing.

Political newcomer clinches comfortable victory in New York primary: Rep. Joseph Crowley, a democratic incumbent from New York, suffered a shocking defeat from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28, a political newcomer and member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Ocasio-Cortez won more than 57 percent of the vote. “She ran as a woman, as a young person, as a working-class champion, as an unabashed liberal and as a person of color,” writes the New York Times. She faces Anthony Pappas, the Republican candidate, in the November general election. Her story is inspiring and her campaign video gave me chills (no, not the Liminal Seattle kind of chills). Watch it:

Wow, she really did that:

Some breaking court rulings right now: Let's just pile them all under one headline.

In Pennsylvania, the officer who shot 17-year-old Antwon Rose has been charged with criminal homicide.

A judge in San Diego has ordered that the US reunite separated families within 30 days. If children are 5-years-old or younger than they must be reunited in 14 days. In response, the Justice Department said it is imperative that Congress pass legislation that keeps families together.

The Supreme Court continues to suck as it issues a ruling that “dramatically undermines unions for teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other public employees throughout the United States” writes Vox. It ruled that non-members can’t be forced to “pay fees to unions representing public employees such as teachers and police, shutting off a key union revenue source.”

Sarah Sanders gets some Secret Service: No, not restaurant service. Reality came knocking on Sanders’s door this week when she was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant. The fact that people don’t like her or her role in Trump’s administration was too much to bear. She has been assigned a temporary secret service detail to protect her glass bones and paper skin.

Get some bargain bud, some cheap California kush: New testing standards for weed in California has retailers slashing pot prices. It’s a fire sale, everything must go because after Saturday, a lot of it won’t be able to be sold under new regulations.

There are world cup games on right now as I’m writing this: But, enjoy this goal from Argentina’s game against Nigeria yesterday. Against all odds and Argentina’s lackluster performance in the group stage, this goal vaulted them to the round of 16 that starts this Saturday.

Hard times for the yakuza: Even Japan's organized crime syndicate gets down on its luck sometimes. The yakuza's numbers are low and it's financially burdened. To combat their own personal recession, yakuza members have begun stealing watermelons. It's the natural get rich quick scheme that we've all been too dumb to see. They've also begun selling merch.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A lusty night of live music at Fashionably Laid: A Summer Formal, the ever-popular musical adaptation of Alice Walker's The Color Purple, and an evening with Barack Obama's former deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, Ben Rhodes.

Now, what you're eating for breakfast:

Lissa: Salmon and avocado on an english muffin with an over ripe (the best kind!) nectarine under the watchful eye of the bunny mug.

Do we vote the bunny the official guardian of Slog AM? y/n?
Do we vote the bunny the official guardian of Slog AM? y/n? Lissa C.

Jose: Francie insists on eating her oatmeal with a measuring spoon, with a side of veggie sausage. Our dog Striker is waiting for a handout.

Jose V

Tonio is going minimalist today:

Tonio C

Ken is feasting on his biscoff breakfast:


Harry's creative and innovative spirit has manifested in his homemade (officemade?) iced mocha: two espresso shots + chocolate milk + ice cubes. Cat's out of the bag now, Harry.


Jim: I am visiting my brother who has a kumquat bush. I also found some bread and jam. Their lazy asses are still in bed, so I have not made any coffee because I don't know where they hide it.

You have to scavenge for it, Jim. It's all about the thrill of the hunt.

Jim C.