“Durkan’s sudden reversal with Best is reminiscent of this spring’s head tax fuckup at the City Council,“

No, actually, those two things have nothing in common. But the sore losers at the Stranger, unable to process just how badly they lost our mayoral election and then the EHT vote, are itching to declare defeat against the mayoral candidate who easily beat theirs.

(Oh, and the Stranger’s false equivalence of Durkan’s “reversal” on Best shouldn’t go without a notice; either. There’s actually little evidence it even happened.)


She's caving into a small group of people? Who don't/can't sway enough votes to stop a Durkan re-election. I say she should rally against those groups who say behind closed doors that " 'They' won't accept a 'White' Chief of Police. She should stick to her guns and choose who she wants. And not listen to a group that is too small to stop her eventual re-election.



PS: I do think that Chief Best is qualified. Just like the other candidates are too.


durkan is spineless, that much is clear in her short run as mayor. the slightest breeze can blow her in any direction.

unfortunately, the only other choice was completely and utterly unqualified.


So whomever the new chief is, Mayor Durkan has already decided to hire one of the other candidates (who had/has aspirations to be chief) into a key department role in police reform. But doesn't this undercut the new chief who should have input into that decision?

Also I can't help pointing out that no Durkan statement is ever complete without the phrase "make sure". Whether campaigning or serving as mayor, she is always going to make sure of something. This weird authoritarian catch phrase (perhaps comforting for some) is becoming a striking contrast with all her waffling and bumbling and corporate toadying.

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