Wow. This woman is the very archetype of the spineless and intellectually lazy moderate. Her statements indicate a person with no core beliefs. She clearly doesn't care about the ICE dententions or the illegal seperation of families. She was paying lip service, and not doing a very good job of it; she was obviously being evasive.

I actually think our mayor here in Olympia, herself a pro-business centrist, would've been more receptive to these activists than Victoria Woodard, and that's saying something. Cheryl Selby never passes up an opportunity to act obsequeiously towards the Chamber of Commerce and co. But she's actually been pretty decent on immigration issues. She supported making Olympia a sanctuary city, for instance. It's probably all bullshit, too, but its better than babbling on about building codes. I feel bad for progressives in Tacoma.


Well, until there's a detention center in Olympia, we'll never really know.

Public officials are limited by laws, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the laws.


City hall doesn't exactly get to say who can and can't do legal business in the city. But the don't exactly have their hands tied. Like when Whole Foods asked for a routine easement for some ally access shit that wouldn't have even gotten notice if it had been anyone but Whole Foods? And the city council said fuck you, Whole Foods?

The mayor can't just kick ICE out, but there's lots of ways to turn up the heat.


The shitty reality of the situation is that if this facility were to be shut down, those who are imprisoned would be sent to much worse facilities in the middle of BFE. Not that we should stop protesting and keeping focus on this one.


I guess people shouldn't enter the country illegally.


She has to take care of private businesses that pay people less than $1 for work? Help us, Bob Ferguson. You're our only hope.



Yeah! People who commit a misdemeanor or civil violation should definitely be separated from their children, searched and have their property seized with no probable caused, detained indefinitely with no rights to representation or even a phone call, separated from their kids with no reunification plan or right to contact, and forced to labor for less than $1 a day. Because fuck 'em. Human decency and constitutional rights are bullshit anyway.

And this only happens to brown people, so who cares, am I right?

Hail Putin!



You're right about all that, but none of it directly addresses the only point @5 offered in this argument, does it?


Exactly, @8.
Because that shit takes place in a total vacuum.

@5 also fails to mention people fleeing violence or economic devastation, not unlikely instigated or supported by the very country they're legally attempting entry (they're not imprisoning / separating families of only the people caught trying to sneak in).

Forgive me whilst I comment on that non-commented-upon entity, as well.

Lastlight is correct -- there's more to the story, regardless of Pantaloon's take on it.


@8 - your handle is totally apropos to your apparent thought process


She took campaign donations from GEO Group, is my understanding. So she's not going to be critical of them. This is a problem.


She must be a Nazi.


12 found the alt right dweeb

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