Dear dumbfuck ^^^

The homeless children in Washington state were not deliberately separated from their parents by Washington State government policy and then lost/and or deported out of the country.


The federal government’s zero policy is responsible for traumatizing these children and their caregivers/parents and are guilty of crimes against humanity, Following orders is no excuse.
This policy is white supremacy in action. This brutality is not new. Its gotten worse as the years have gone by.

Homeland Security and its hideous offspring ICE is headquartered at 1000 2nd Avenue downtown Seattle. Its the headquarters for Washington state ICE operations. How can Seattle call itself a sanctuary city when ICE agents roam the city and harass and kidnap people even at their workplaces? Martin Selig owns that building and does not require them to leave. Also our city government is too gutless to stand up to these gestapo like entities and make them leave this city. Only two council members appear to have joined with the protests. Nothing coming from the mayor’s office either. County government? Nothing. History could well record these cowardly behaviors by the officials when push comes to shove. Now is the time to speak out people. The people can change this. Many care. We will continue to fight for a humane society.


The Seattle judge deserves credit for taking action.

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