The Showbox
The Showbox Kelly O

Kshama Sawant is joining the call to preserve the Showbox Theater.

The downtown music venue faces potential—but far from guaranteed—demolition to make way for a 44-story apartment building.

In a letter to constituents, Sawant says she has "heard from many of you who are outraged" about the plan. She plans to introduce a resolution Monday calling on the Landmarks Preservation Board to "preserve the Showbox inside and outside."

In her time on council, Sawant has fought to fund subsidized housing but, unlike "yes in my backyard" urbanists, does not advocate for market-rate housing. She also argues that the city's mandatory housing affordability program—which requires developers on projects like this one to help fund affordable housing—doesn't go far enough.

Her letter calls the potential Showbox development "yet another example of how development and construction decisions in Seattle are being driven primarily by whatever will make the quickest dollar for the largest for-profit developers, with little regard for the needs and desires of the rest of us."

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