Most news this morning is bad.


Keep hope alive: 6 reasons to have hope in the age of Tr666p.


In the Good News Dept:
The Seattle Mariners win another one! TWENTY GAMES over .500!
They're sure playing like they wanna New Stadium!
or something.

If only those poor Billionaires could
Afford it, they'd never even hafta ask US...

I'm sure they're awfully Embarassed, having to come to Us, hat in hand;
a very Humbling experience for all concerned, of that I am certainly certain.


@2 - That's a good article, OA. Might even cheer up @1.


that 250K fee can't possibly cover the hassle those bikes create for the city. there was a freaking scuba team fishing one out of the sound a couple weeks back.


The photos of abandoned or confiscated bikes in China are almost incomprehensible.


The Republinazis may have seized control of the federal government temporarily, however more people are joining the resistance, coming out, getting woke, and living the truth.

The GOPKKK is trying to hold us hostage and break us. They worship Confederate traitors that enslaved and murdered their fellow Americans and waged war against the United States, and they now want to install a neo-fascist, racist kleptocracy.

They will fail. We will never give in and never give up.


Harry Potter is 38??? Thanks a lot for making me feel really old.


It seems like only yesterday all those owls were delivering his invitation to hogwarts, much to his uncle's chagrin.

"You're a wizard, Harry"



I think that must be the age of the character, not the book series.


Gays in Montlake don't go to bars. They're far too busy installing French doors out to the deck. What were the owners of Purr thinking? And you can fucking call it a cocktail lounge if you choose, but it's still a bar and anyone wanting to go there is looking for some slight variation on the theme of why a gay man would go to the Eagle. Sorry for your financial loss.


@8 @11

If only there were some sort of convenient electronic card catalog we could use to look up facts and figures like this!

Ah well, I suppose we'll never know.

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