News Aug 1, 2018 at 4:00 am

Once the city council confirms Best’s nomination, Seattle’s mayor, police chief, and county sheriff will all be women.

After Carmen Best (left) got the nod from the mayor (right), she talked with The Stranger about body cams, the police union, and her 26 years on the force. Lester Black




I'm going to guess that she's not going to say that outright, but it's good to see that she went ahead and fired those cops recently. We'll see what else she does.


This sounds like good news for Seattle and all residents within the city limits. Congratulations, SPD Chief-elect, Carmen Best! Women will make a difference for the better, and it's nice to know that Best also has deep roots in our region.


@4 reported, but to his suggestion that women ruined Star Wars, I was unnaware that George Lucas, or the people who decided on, voiced, or acted JJB or Anakin were women. Hm. It also came as a shock that women acting in Ghost Busters ruined movies. Somone should probably tell Disney not to bother with the next Avengers movie then, since it's clearly ruined. Or maybe those things are just ruined where you live? Sounds sad. Glad I live in beautiful Seattle.

Attacks not necessary. You pretty well did the work yourself.


@4 Are you intentionally attacking yourself?

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