Catnip for adrenaline junkies. But that's about it.


Nick Boling is currently facing charges for assaulting a woman who was bar-tending at a spot in Bellingham. Piece of shit spit on her and acted like he was gonna hit her after she 86'd him from the bar.

And I would say that the "more notable violence" from Saturday would have to be the protester that was almost murdered by PPB.


left wing violence like Elizabeth Hokoana shooting Josh Dukes point blank in the guts on the UW campus?

oh, right, never mind. that was right wing violence, that doesn't count.


Immediately shut down those on "the Left" who try to provoke violence.
Damn good chance they're either fake Leftys or police provocateurs,
who will immediately disappear into the crowd. Do not let them.
Hold THEM accountable.


Shit, you liberal cucks better clear out of Seattle. The Rough and Tumble Society for Frisky Lads is coming to tear shit up.


How should Seattle respond? Do nothing, let them walk around until they get tired and go home. I would wager that 10-25% of the protesters don't care too much about politics but just like to fight. These are the same guys that get in bar fights, are really into UFC, but arent good enough to fight in the octagon.


I-1639 supporters could borrow a page from gat rights activists and hold a fundraiser for every minute the white trash boys hold their protest. It would be non-violent, positive, and productive.


"Angry young males from far left and far right fighting. It’s like West Side Story... "

I't just like that, only with far-alt-Whiteys packing semi-automatic weapons of mass destruction.

Go, N.R.A.!


@7 yeah lets let well-known violent fascists/racists roam Seattle freely. Lemme guess you're a white liberal?


i mean fuck the SPLC but did you know that Stewart Rhodes is one of the speakers at this rally? Leader of the Oathkeepers? yeah lets let him and a bunch of violent morons just roam downtown... better yet lets have a protest 100 miles away.. liberals are scum.


Everybody stay away. Drone their sorry asses and watch them scatter like the rats they are.


Best thing to do? Make it so everyone laughs at the groups through comedic counter protest.

The late, great Molly Ivins wrote about how the citizens of Austin Texas delightfully responded to a Klan rally
"When the fifty Klansmen appeared (they were bused in from Waco) in front of the state capitol, they were greeted by five thousand locals who had turned out for a “Moon the Klan” rally. Citizens dropped trou both singly and in groups, occasionally producing a splendid wave effect. It was a swell do."

We could also take inspiration from #7 and #5 - I myself would love to see money raised for the SPLC and the Seattle King County NAACP based on how long speakers at the rally talk, with the amount raised displayed where the speakers can see how much their speech is raising funds for groups opposed to them.


look at all the false equivalence on Slog today! you guys sure are working hard.


Patriot prayer is dumb. but the have a permit to gather. No one who goes out to protest them is going to convince them of anything. If they only people that show up are a couple news cameras and some cops, its over. For the people, like @11 saying "why should we let them roam around," if there are not counter protesters for the cops to worry about, the cops can focus on these yahoos.


12 please name a recurring historical theme that has gone more poorly than fighting white people.

They’ve got fists that did more then play WOW, guns, and police protection.

You’ve got screaming transsexuals.

If you’re out there and not mocking them they win.

Greeks and Italians are the fascists, champ.




Goddam it! I am strongly against I-1639, as are a lot of responsible, kind and intelligent people I know. Sure wish the only public opposition to it wasn't a huge collection of asshats.


Should respond by not protesting them at all.

Both sides are looking for a fight, and eventually it’s gojng to boil over. Make no mistake about it each of these clashes are warmups to some heavy hitting shit.

I encourage people to keep life hyper local right now, and really contribute to your community, because when SHTF at one of these rallies you don’t want to be caught in the middle of a violent battle.

Eventually there will be a high casualty situation, and I hope police stand down and let these two groups sort their shit out. Why do I say that. Don’t want any officers to get hurt.


Here’s one perspective, from an eminently able bodied white male.

First, you’re pretty much all liars.

Say I head out there, nonchalantly walk up, and drop a fatass or two.
(Two problems here. I’m talking about right wingers, and in this context “drop” means to knock men over with fists).

“Lefties” are already mad at me because the right wingers are dragging down our health care system and global perception, I’ve got right wing guns trained on me, and I’ve got police guns trained on me.

Trained means pointed at. Locked on, if you will.

I then have to turn around, standing over aforementioned patriots, and fight the commies scurrying up to kick them while they’re down.

Have fun all.


City Hall Plaza on a saturday? nobody will be around. the marinerds are out of town. just stay home or do whatever you do on saturday summers in the beautiful PNW. if no counter protesters show up, isn't this like the tree falling in the forest with nobody around to hear it? does it still make a sound? nothing to see here folks...


Thank god, I thought the annual race to the bottom would be called off due to inclement weather. I can only imagine how giddy local anarchists must be right about now, this is their Christmas.


Send in the dildo drones


Reading this article brought to mind a lovely old song from the 1980s by one of my favorites, Fear: "LET'S HAVE A WAR". These young men have nothing productive to do so this is their hobby.


8, very good, LOL.


What should enrage me more?:
1) Pretty boy hate rally at city hall
2) Showbox being torn down
3) Single family housing zoning laws
4) Amazon
5) All of the above equally all the time


Thank you and bless so many of you for spot on suggestions on how to handle these neofascist gun nutzies, and so brilliantly beating me to it.


RepubliKKKans are such rapid weirdos.


@26 - that is fucking awesome. Great idea except that for these guys we need to find a bunch with the smallest dicks possible. I wonder how they'd react to 100 people holding up two inch dildos as they are speaking?


Not too long ago several tuba playing protesters walked alongside a rally of similar fascist shitheads playing "herpta derpta herpta derpta", giving anything the nazis said - and any news coverage of them - the appropriate soundtrack for such a collection of waddling buffoons.
I thought that was particularly clever...


Doesn't this group own any businesses that advertise in The Stranger or is that just rapists? Hard to figure out what is acceptable by this magazine's standards these days.

36 we are:


Not "several tuba players" but instead one heroic sousaphone player -- my bad...


Remember to self-police, these people dream about a race war. If you haven't heard of the Northwest Territorial Imperative was started by Richard Girnt Butler, the founder of the Aryan Nations. Harold Covington is a part of this movement, and was Dylann Roof's inspiration.

The intent is to get supremacists to move the the NW and to carve it off for an Aryan homeland after starting a race war.

Please lets try to self-police and avoid giving these people a win like they had in PDX, the general public will never notice that Gibson's right hand man was wearing a t-shirt that idealized a man who had women and men systemically raped by trained dogs and live rats as well as being a mass murder if we don't keep the high ground.


Ignore them. Let them march unopposed. Give them no excuses to commit violence and justify it after the fact. A peaceful demonstration with no head banging from an opposing faction gets no massive media attention. Instead, it's a non-event.

That won't happen because there are those on the left just as eager for a violent confrontation as those on the right. There actually is little difference among people who believe in violent confrontations, no matter what their politics - left or right. They're actually turned on by and enjoy the violence and mayhem and use politics as an excuse.


@32 really? Don't one of these guys (Seattle4truth) kill his dad in his own home a few months ago?
Yes, yes he did. Maybe antifa was protesting in his rumpus room?


"Tallman Trask, the spokesperson for the Alliance for Gun Responsibility" says "The kind of conversations that are going to be had a Patriot Prayer rally, or NRA rally, or Second Amendment Foundation rally, are the kinds of discussions that aren’t really productive"
Wha?! I've been a volunteer for SAF for two decades, and involved (in whatever spare time I had) before then. Second Amendment Foundation has never, not once, had "a rally". Never.
If AGR has to make up weird stuff about their opponents could the stranger maybe check the facts of what they report? They're right across the lake, it's not a long distance call. You are Journalists, right?


If no one's around to tweet, did the protest even happen?


I can't see a rally called "Liberty or Death - Rally Against Left Wing Violence" as anything more than an obvious attempt at provocation. Why take the bait? I empathize with the urge to react, but do not sympathize with the consequences of engaging. Why do children throw temper tantrums? To get a reaction. The fastest way to shut it down is to NOT REACT. Don't be a sucker.


How about the domestic terrorist group ANTIFA stop covering their faces and unleashing violence on people exercising their first amendment rights? It goes both ways. The Patriots are not the ones causing violence.


@32 Doofus in Shoreline: You're all bullshit, as per usual. I have no doubt you'll be blindly marching in lockstep alongside these rabid, inbred neofascist bullies. Here's hoping you open your bottomless dumpster mouth in public, get arrested, and thrown in jail with the rest of the lowlife RepublikKKan scum out causing trouble.
@44 notfunny: Thank you. Jesus--this is SO like the senseless WTO riots in 1999.


@45 Manurebag13: We'll stop when you gun totin', bible misquotin', fetus dotin' idiots finally do, too. Seriously, what in addition to your hatred, bigotry, and propagandic bullshit are you trying to prove? Is your stupidly winning the race to the bottom that important to you?


What if they had a protest and everyone just ignored them? That's my plan, they can yell at the squirrels for all I care. They want attention, we don't have to give it to them.

Don't feed the trolls, folks.


@44 notfunny and @48 RickFRomTexas: I know---I'm guilty as charged, and know better. Thank you for calling me on it. What a lovely thought--what if a bunch of deliberate troublemakers invaded a reputedly progressive community to stir up a big, rude, loud, obnoxious, violent, bloody and nasty old riot.....and nobody showed up?


@11, spoken like someone craving a bit of the Ultraviolence:
"yeah lets let well-known violent fascists/racists roam Seattle freely."

OMG, no – we must STOP THEM!
Because – they’re fucking Scary?

I don’t fucking think so. Do NOT panic:
It's just some Neocons and some Bad Boys,
looking for an excuse to party / a little Free Publicity.

Say, that reminds me – who Sponsors them?
Who profits?


You respond by sending them all to the harborview e.r


I'm going to respond by taking a nap, mainly because at my age I need a lot of naps.


@53 You're a few decades too late to get rid of the liberal techies but if you want to make a narrative in which you associate with people who assault members of the general public, you are more than welcome to see how that plays out.

Kind of surprising someone with the name geoduck would have a problem with fruitcakes. Instantly makes me think of Evergreen's big green horse penis mascot.


@53 -- Be sure 'n wear your Gopro, KGD*.
If'n your gonna get Bloody, making Amerikkka 'great' 'again,'
may as well share your Glorious Exploits with the rest of the Planet.

Oh, and never forget -- the peeps who (surreptitiously) pull
you're strings (the Bully Billionaires -- Kochs, Addledsons, Mercers)
are really Good People. Who just want what Everyone wants -- to rule the World.

*indigenous? off-White?


@56-7: Having a bunch of neo-fascists come in and beat on a bunch of people for being "weirdos" is sort of a funny way to get back to here we can "disagree without taking bats to each other." But you Trump voters do seem to have a few problems with logic.

I have no idea what you mean by "been here since Tumwater," but I am guessing that you are not Native. If not, you have no right to bitch about "transplants."


But KGD, Cali's* on fucking Fire!
WHERE else they gonna go?

*as is/soon will be much of this once-formerly-habitable Planet


@56 There is a 0% chance of that, in the same way that there's a 0% chance of antifa kicking out all the local alt-righters. Plenty of antifa are home-grown. Seattle didn't need California's help in turning into "San Fran 2.0," that's called growth. It'll happen whether you like it or not because that's what cities do.

Your family being here for however many generations is meaningless unless you're a tribal member, and if you were, you would know just how hard living on a reservation bites.

Seattle is going to keep growing and it'll keep getting "freakier" no matter what you want. That's the market for you. You can either come to terms with the knowledge that a public circlejerk won't make everyone move away, or you can keep being a useful idiot for people who want to spin the proud boys as racist xenophobes. Doesn't matter what you believe so long as you can play the part, and you play it beautifully.


"... and return Washington to where is was before."

Before you and yours got here?
Or the instant after?

Make Warshington Great. Again!
White-warsh it!


@61 -- That is SO Clarence "Uncle" Thomas of you!


@61- if you are willing to put up with these fascist assholes, you are supporting trump whether you admit it or not. That attitude may even be worse than trump supporters who at least have the balls to admit it.

Like the others said if you are not Native American please shut the fuck up about transplants.


Another Norwegian who forgot to breed, geoduck?

That whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” bit is a prevailing rule of the Middle East, as a one-time part-time Orientalist would say.

It’s a shame my port town burnt down. I’ve always wanted a port town.


It’s fair, dvs.

I, for one, fucking hate New Yorkers and want them to stay in their thinking they’re white bubbles.

No Natives required.


Header should read: Ared and angry right-wing Incels arriving Saturday to scare the tourists


@52 Gladys Leeman: Good call! I second it, and am adding some red wine.


@62 I'm a fourth-generation Washington native. You want to send me back to where I was born, that's about two miles up the street. You're no champion of natives, you're just a confused sports fan. Yeah you're really hurting for rent money there in Bremerton, huh, buddy?


@63, I keep asking you but you keep failing to show up, you little slapdick coward. If you want to "get rid of" a transplant, I will be at the Jack in the Box on 85th and Aurora tomorrow at 5 PM.

But I know you're too much of a fucking weenie to show.


Err, I meant @62 with the above comment. Apparently I am a fucking failure at this today. Sorry @63!


Also in general, ha ha ha at these CHUDs talking about "Left Wing Violence."

Say what you will about it, but if you want to see actual left wing violence, go to someplace like Greece:


These guys are here just to bait people into a fight. If you think you can take a punch and not be provoked into a fight, then you shouldn't go. I would say even then you shouldn't go - its not going to accomplish anything - let them have their protest and tell everyone you support free speech.


@71 (no worries), thegooeykitsapper likes to hide behind skinheads' skirts and have them do his bidding/housecleaning for him; while useful Idiots can serve their purposes, and not just for Billionaires, they can (and do) sometimes get away from their puppet Masters, to some pretty sorry ends.

(s/he reminds me of Joe 'Turncoat' Liebermann, the "independent" Senator from Connecticut....)


How about drag queens singing "Bring in the Clowns".or a brass band playing the Hearse song.
Dont ever laugh
As a Hearse goes by
For you may be the next to die
They wrap you up
In a big white sheet
From your head down to your feet
They put you in a big black box
And cover you up with dirt and rocks
And all goes well
For about a week
And then your coffin begins to leak
And for those who remember the scene from Troll Hunter where the trolls go nuts hearing church hymns, What a Friend We Have in Jesus.


Love the drag queens idea! Ridicule is always the best choice when dealing with the humorless. I know -- let's all pledge to give a buck to the ACLU for every Nazi/KKK who shows up. And a buck to the Southern Poverty Law Center for every minute of their nasty speeches. We could post a running total throughout their event, just for the sheer joy of rubbing their noses in it. This brilliant strategy has been very effective at shutting down their attendance in other locations.

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