It looks like this, but theres no postage required anymore!
It looks like this, but there's no postage required anymore! Christopher Frizzelle

Tuesday is the day we find out how much vaccines matter in the 8th Congressional District, whether voters in Tacoma care that a state lawmaker has been accused of harassment, and just how many Seattle voters are tired of Adam Smith.

That means Tuesday is the day your ballot is due. Do you know where your ballot is?

If you do: That thing has got to be postmarked or in a drop box by 8 pm Tuesday.

Looking for the nearest drop box? Check this out:

And remember, no matter whether you’re mailing or dropping it, you don’t! need! a stamp!

Now, for those of you in King County who lost or destroyed your ballot: While in the existential sense nothing is ever going to be OK, this particular thing is going to be fine. If you have a printer, replacing your ballot is easy. Click right here to mark and print a replacement ballot. If you need a new envelope for your ballot, click here.

If you don't have a printer, remember you can print things at a public library. Or visit one of these accessible voting locations to vote in person.

In an emergency, you can email or fax your ballot and the signed declaration on your return envelope, then mail your printed ballot so it gets to King County Elections by August 20.

Already sent your ballot and wondering what happened to it? Track your ballot right here.

Wondering who to vote for? We have some legally binding suggestions.