Ah yes, just what we need, a state-run music hall.

You vill enjoy zee music!


When the commissars of the Soviet, appointed by Kshama Lama Ding Dong, and running the Showbox pick bands to play, will the Rolling Stones “Brown Sugar” be found problematic because of its enthusiastic embrace of f*cking black and brown girls?


Cool, hope it works. Thanks for speaking up, Ben. I've seen Death Cab at the Showbox many a time over the decades.


Yes, the state would approve of Death Cab. Quite easily digested.

How did rock and pop music survive so long without State intervention?


Workers at venues like Benaroya Hall and (for now) Key Arena are city employees. It's not that weird. Or that commie.


Sawant supports more housing... well, not really, only when it’s the kind she likes.

And public funds shouldn’t be used for sports but it’s ok for music. So some kind of entertainment is bad, but some is good.

Oh, and $15 Now! will solve all economic problems. But wait, getting paid $15.75 for a job is now not enough.

Sawant the Hypocrite
Sawant the Irrelevant
Sawant the Clueless

They all sound so nice.


@7 What about Trackor Tavern in Ballard if it hits hard times? State intervention too?


read manifesto, comrades. manifesto make all clear.


@9: Never heard of it.


🙄 Was with it until the last bit. ‘Seize the means of entertainment!’


Old Ballard Avenue is a historic district. So the buildings there are already protected and pretty strictly regulated. If this historic protection is extended downtown, the private business owners will continue to own the businesses there, just like the owner of the Tractor Tavern (or for that matter the many small business owners inside the Pike Place Market.

Like the Tractor Tavern, the Showbox at the Market is a functioning, private, for-profit business. Nothing will change about that if this passes. On the other hand, if it doesn't pass, the Showbox at the Market will no longer be a functioning private enterprise, because there will be no building in which to run the business anymore, and the 80 year history of this venue will be over.

What public funds would be used here? A historical district is more of a zoning designation than a government program that provides financial assistance to the business owner.


Behold, the posturing. Behold!


"We have to fight hard to win the preservation of the Showbox now, but as a socialist, I never stop with any one victory," Sawant said. "I see no reason why this movement should not go forward and this should be a publicly owned venue. The City of Seattle should own this; the employees at the Showbox should be City of Seattle employees. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t do that."

I love the smell of political desperation in the morning.


Amazing how quickly all the important people are jumping to the sound of thousands of hipsters crying to save the Showbox. Sadly, when the majority of this city says that we need to find a viable solution to help our neighbors who are currently without homes, we get a bunch of hot air, half-baked measures that are quickly repealed, and even more private possessions taken over by the state and thrown in the garbage.

Where are all the conservatives posting on this article yelling about the state taking private possessions then? Where is the quick action from the Council to deal with getting people into housing and increasing the availability of affordable housing? They're able to save a music venue (albeit an important one) but can't help, you know, actual people?


" our neighbors who are currently without homes"

Yeah, from what I see, these "neighbors" are more interested in smack than a roof.


“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t do that.”

Yes, yes there is. The city would then be liable if an earthquake brings that old brick pile down upon the heads of a packed crowd.

This isn’t a difficult “problem” to resolve. Cut a deal with the developer, to add ten stories to the height limit in exchange for a performance space in the new building. The entrance can even be faced with bricks from the current structure.

But that’s all permitting and meeting rooms and suchlike, not grandstanding in Council chambers, now isn’t it?


Not only is Sawant involved but the Showbox seems to be okay with this. Most of you should vow never to go to the show at the Showbox again because of this.


@18 Yes, because if the state doesn’t provide us with a music hall, the music will die. That’s what happened to poor Kurt Cobain, he simply needed the Seattle City Council involved.


I'm glad that the City Council has solved all of the other pressing issues in Seattle so they can spend time dealing with this. Homeless smack addicts? Problem SOLVED!! Affordable housing shortage? Problem SOLVED!!!

And as they solved all of these problems they can focus on the really vital issues of the day like saving the Showbox. We truly are a "World Class City"™


Stop being a bunch of whiny little bitches and SAVE THE FAWKIN' SHOWBOX! It's our history.
You people SUCK!


@17: "Old brick pile"? "The entrance can even be faced with bricks from the current structure"?

I wonder if you've actually seen this building.


save the Showbox! you Sawant hating trolls head back to yer holes.


I get it, Kshama introduced the legislation, so it becomes "Kshama's attempt," but if there's a story looking for a headline it's probably "The People Behind Kshama's Attempt." In the meantime, those of us who live in "Kshama's district," will continue playing Where's Waldo, and looking for our representative.


@9 "Showbox at the Market is a functioning, private, for-profit business. Nothing will change about that if this passes"- comprehension is not your strong suit, is it? Re-read her comments at the end of the article.


"comprehension is not your strong suit, is it"

Neither is yours apparently:

"I see no reason why this movement should not go forward and this should be a publicly owned venue. The City of Seattle should own this; the employees at the Showbox should be City of Seattle employees. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t do that."


I am sure the legislation that passes the council will also include appropriation of a million dollars or so for legal fees to defend the city, and several tens of millions to compensate the current owners for the "taking". Because we like to, you know, think two or three moves out.


@27 Just wait until the intersectional commissars appointed by Kshama Lama Ding Dong start picking the bands.


@22: Been there, many times over the last quarter-century. Large capacity, sub-optimal acoustics and sight lines. Pre-gaming at Pike Place Brewery helps.

Seriously, just cut a deal with the developers and move on. If CM Sawant can’t stomach the thought of “a give-away to the Capitalists”, then freeze her out as with the EHT repeal. What’s she going to do about it?


No matter what, the club is gone. It will NEVER be a music venue again. People just don't seem to understand that.


@30: Define “better” and “comparable.” The Moore? The Neptune? Jazz Alley? WaMu Theatre? Or maybe, um, SHOWBOX SODO?

(Also, the guilt-by-fictional-association thing is getting old. Even for you.)


@22, @29 - The Showbox facade has no visible brick. The sides are built of cinderblock.

tensor, though, will demand you post a quote to prove it, so:

“Judy Butler said, ‘The Showbox is built of traditional firehouse bricks.’”

Ah, shoot - I guess Max Solomon loses this one.


@33, etc.: OK, I stand corrected. Cinder blocks then. That's still where you want to be in an earthquake. Trust me.

Tear it down, get the developer to include a performance space in the new building. Problem solved.

@15: "I love the smell of political desperation in the morning."

Just as Mike McGinn was going to recover from his self-inflicted failure to accomplish anything by getting himself annointed Savior of the Sonics.

I hope it works twice as well for Sawant.


You darned kids may be to young to remember this, but there was a time when smoking tobacco indoors was legal, but munching cannabis edibles was not. Back then, I remember a great evening at the ol' Showbox, when Sawant's Attempt, Intersectional Commissars, and SJW all opened for the Posies. Even with the tobacco haze (to which Jon Auer contributed mightily) it was a great show.

I guess I'm just saying I prefer their older work.


@35 - Did you know you can get a free blog on the internet over at Blogger? Blogspot, too. A friend of mine who’s in his 40’s created his very own blog there, and he loves it. He goes on for hundreds of words telling misguided SJW’s what’s what and teaching young kids what a real beer is. It’s great. And the best part is - he gets to delete all the comments he doesn’t like. He can even share his posts to the Facebook.

You should try it! You’ll love it!


Trashing people without homes is big on this list. Your refusal to see people as your equals is really pathetic. Being cruel and kicking people when they are down is the sign of an sociopath.
Is that what you are?

You don’t know anything about their lives. And if it wasn’t for some circumstances you could be on the streets with them. You haven’t a clue what the f.. you are writing about. Greed and selfishness is very unhealthy. I really pity you.

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