My cat has purchased a gun for her own protection.


And all kidding aside, keep your cat indoors! Seriously, it's safer for them and safer for various song birds that they hunt and kill. Not only that all of the areas shelter's expect you to keep your furry feline indoors as well.


Im curious how you can work in healthcare for a substitute teacher? I had an amazing substitute teacher in high school and the high school offered him a job, but he declined because he made more money as a substitute and got healthcare from his wife.


Trump got his China story from this article the Daily Caller, which was founded by Tucker Carlson:

Also, the Reuters story had this hilarious line in it:

“China is a staunch defender of cybersecurity. We firmly oppose and crack down on any forms of internet attacks and the stealing of secrets,” [Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson] added."

No one lies like a government official. Imagine being tasked to say that with a straight face. She deserves a raise.


The Cat "Carver”? What a dis to artists/carvers.

The 'Cat Defiler' or, like your headline, 'Mutilator,' don't suck.

“Over 150 arrested in Texas ICE raid: Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeted workers at a facility that makes trailers.”

“Good job ICE. Those jobs belong to American citizens and legal immigrants.” – Shorline Dave

Wanna send a little Fear to the ‘hearts’ of the Enablers?
ARREST the Employers.

Problem – solved!


Go Storm! Great job! I wish they got more coverage.

And please die soon, cat killer.


"How long must we wait until Trump carries out his promise to 'lock her up?'"
--more, from Shorline Dave

Hey, what an awesome battlecry for right after The Congressionals:
"Lock HIM UP!"

Thanks, Dave! He can Join the rest of his Administration.

(Wait -- do they even HAVE Golf Courses in those Country Club Prisons? Cause if'n they DON'T, what's the Prez to DO with all that Time on his little teensie-weensie tiny handsies? Twitter away a hundred fucking years? Whoa... that almost seems a little Harshish....)


@8 How about 'The Kitter Splitter' for size?


Here in Olympia (and for months now in all media), the perpetrator has been known as the Cat Killer. Trying to take ownership over this long pre-existing story by coming up with a different, more comic book-y villain name is self-centered and disrespectful to what the South Sound has been experiencing.


I'm giving Theresa May props- she heard the music and she responded to it in a human way- sure she is older & stiff but she was feeling it- good on her.
Her awkwardness seems the more comical because she is in a crowd of mostly black people.
White people generally should be more grateful to black people for giving them license to feel, think and behave in ways they would not if living in an all-white environment. So what if we look a little silly doing it sometimes.


@10: further to Shoreline Dave's knee-jerk xenophobia, they're taking jobs that American workers CAN'T HANDLE. I've heard multiple contractors say that immigrants work harder, faster, and show up, while Americans who'd take low-wage jobs are lazy or drunk or high.
I had a Candadian truss maker bitch to me about lazy Canadian workers for 2 hours last winter!

If immigrants weren't willing to work our slaughterhouses, we'd all be vegetarians.



I kind of wish Clinton would get on Twitter just to screw with these assholes. She could tweet to Trump, "Please retweet if you've never paid money to porn actresses to keep quiet," but she's probably too classy and busy to bother.


@14 - Thank you - that's the correct reaction.
@16 - Re slaughterhouses. Indeed!


@18 - I'd like to see her do that. But any tweets regarding philandering might risk return fire that brings up Bill.



Many teachers are looking for other work. Also, less and less people are opting to become teachers in the first place. Which will continue to create a big problem for our children and society in general.

Or, you know, we could just pay them what they're worth.


@14: With that second paragraph, are you suggesting that white people never invented music or dancing, or are you suggesting that music performed by black people has some kind of mystical, magical power?

Either way...what?


@22 - Go listen to some Motown and report back.


I don't know where this idea that school is more about daycare comes from, but teachers are under enormous pressure to get students to hit certain benchmarks and test scores at earlier and earlier ages. Kindergarten used to be focused on building routines, socialization, and play ...these days, K students are expected to hit math and literacy benchmarks that you and I didn't hit until 1st or 2nd grade. Algebra is being introduced in 3rd and 4th grade, in order to get students better prepared for middle and high school. Preparation for college begins in Elementary school. All the while, teachers are being told to get their students performing at a high level with little resources and overcrowded classrooms.

Add to that, teachers working in poorer and suburban districts also need to gain expertise in helping students overcome significant barriers, such as hunger, low English proficiency, and trauma.

In my opinion, all of our teachers should have advanced degrees. Early Childood Education is a robust field.

I do agree that public education has sadly become more about performing and test taking than learning and growth.


Nothing about the new Lady Superintendent of City Light? They had a little press conference yesterday down at the south service center.


Cat's shouldn't be allowed to roam around outside. That's why we have feral cats. If you decide to get a cat and don't want to clean up it's shit yourself, then don't get a cat. If you get a cat and make it an outdoor cat, you're a bad pet owner in my opinion. My stupid next door neighbors got two kittens that are now adult cats and they just leave them outside. These cats shit in my yard, and I have two dogs, and now they eat cat shit. They bring fleas into my yard. They catch and eat hummingbirds. If I ever see them try and sneak onto my yard I try spraying them with a hose.


@31 - Great points.


@31: Yep. Human cultures have always mixed and sampled each other, leading to greater products than what they were before. Much better than claiming one class of people or race "owns" a cultural artifact, type of expression, or has some kind of magical talent locked off to other races.

Of course, "stiff" and "boring" are relative, subjective concepts with no intrinsic value or actual meaning.


'vibrating'. oh my god.


Nathalie, what does “shone threw” mean? Is this some trendy new term all the young socialists are using?


I'm having a bit of a chuckle at the expense of teachers. Sorry about that. You all thought that McCleary was going to be windfall? Seattle is getting its alternative-whatever studies curriculum. Meanwhile, they'll throw you a few percent bone. And smaller districts will still have drafty classrooms and lead in their pipes.

The good thing about McCleary and state funding: As soon as other education stakeholders wake up to Seattle's game, they will put a lid on all it's "special needs" until the three Rs are taken care of in rural areas. It's all coming out of the one pocket now.


Re: Seattle is expensive — Can we just ruminate for a second on the fact that software engineers are more highly paid than mechanical engineers? This is... troubling.

@7 How are teachers holding families hostage? They're your (hypothetical) kids, it's your job to figure out a plan B. If teachers found a job elsewhere, then what would people do?


@38 I agree. Couldn't most aspects of what software engineers do 1) be classified as marketing because that's basically why the companies they work for exist... to sell ad space 2) be erased for time and eternity by simply pulling a few plugs at some data center somewhere


The cats are being killed by coyotes. Google "coyote cat mutilation". Actually pretty common for coyotes to leave cat carcasses laying around with cuts that somehow appear human-made.


@9 seatackled: Agreed, and I second it. Rot in hell cat killer!


@30 tempur_tempur: You have some good points. I never let my cat outside at night because of the raccoons. They're wild animals, highly territorial and won't blink an eye about ripping a feline to shred over a scrap of food.
@40 SeattleScienceTeacher: Coyotes...and raccoons could also be a contributing factor in cat mutilations. Nonetheless, this horrifically shameful animal cruelty must stop. It's late summer. How many urban raccoons are on the prowl? I still hate to think there's someone out there who's Michael Meyers sick and twisted enough to serially mutilate cats for shits and giggles.

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