I am pretty sure that trump dictated this press release, er, inquest.


This is the most ridiculously bias article of all time. Of course there are Police that cross the line. The Seattle Woodcarver murder is one of them. Charleena Lyles was one example where a woman ran screaming at Police with two knives threatening to kill them on audio and video and was killed known to be addicted to drugs and mentally ill yet still used as an example of Police brutality. Should they have taken a stab wound to satisfy you?
Le was on drugs, he was attacking neighbors and multiple law abiding citizens with gun permits called 911. He was a danger to everyone. Just because a bullet enters his back does not mean he was running away, it does not mean he was shot in the back. Yet you assume this is evidence he wasn’t running at Police so high on drugs he refused commands after threatening people and multiple stun guns didn’t subdue him. Could Police have circled him? Tackled him? Done more? Maybe. But multiple witnesses said he had a knife or something and he insanely ran at the Police. Maybe don’t do drugs, say you are the messiah, attack your neighbors and then run at the Police threatening them and doing so many drugs a stun gun with 10,000 volts doesn’t stop you and you won’t get shot. RIP


Did you really expect the Stranger to print an unbiased fact-based story about anything law enforcement related? If they did, Lester Black wouldn’t get all the free weed and beer from his “activist” anarchist cop-hating friends. Besides, Lester “writes about news”, he doesn’t report news so he can make up all the bullshit he wants. It’s like the Q Anon of the left.


@3, let's not forget Che Taylor....reaching for a gun during a fucking drug deal but somehow became some sort of innocent man brutally shot down by police. You know, while HE was going for a gun to shoot at police.


Not really.

And Lester: stop yelling.

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