Hope we don't end up with a flat xmas!


I hate the tunnel, no buses and no downtown exits, wft? But it is a major engineering undertaking, the first of it's kind if I'm not mistaken, so delays are inevitable.


Seattle closed Third Avenue, Christmas be damned. I suppose there's always Bellevue Square.


Love the tunnel! Going to make the waterfront beautiful. Easy commute times to airport, tolling to keep the lower classes out. Should add a nice bump to my home's value too.

Finally, a world class city!


The homeless problem could have been easily solved for $3.2B. That’s like 250k per homeless person in Seattle.


@5: You love the tunnel? What will you do when the long overdue Big One (i.e.: volcanic eruption, tsunami and / or a 9.5 scale earthquake) hits and you're stuck for life, buried in the rubble? You and your alleged MAGA mansion won't be worth shit. Especially when you're sunk in rising raw sewage. I'm pretty confident that Mein Trumpfy will turn its back on rebuilding and any source of federal aid. That's what you get for voting RepubliKKKan, ya moron.
@6: I know, right?


@6: If you gave $250K to every homeless person in Seattle it still wouldn't solve the problem.


@8 They were definitely talking about handing people cash instead of the potential behind investing 250k worth of housing, healthcare, and training per person


@8 Yeah, you’re probably right.

We could have had 267 miles of new bike lanes for same cost though.


@9: Even in that context, it would only temporarily alleviate it. Homelessness is also a geographical problem dictated by the ups and downs of economic cycles, form of government, supply and demand, and above all the human condition.

For example, there's no homelessness in Singapore, Pyongyang, or Havana - but who wants to Iive in those places?

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